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Thread: How many rounds do you fire before carrying a new handgun?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JSDinTexas View Post
    With my Glocks, I shoot 1 or 2 rounds just to make sure it fires. After that, I check for wear around 10,000 or so.
    Similar here. I fired a box of ammo through my new Glock and then started carrying it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kramer1113 View Post
    I just like the hell out of this post!
    Finesse! Guys got mad literacy lmao

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    If I get 100 rounds without a failure, I trust it. I don't shoot a lot, but so far if I get 100 rounds without a failure, then I seem to make it to 200 rounds without a failure as well, and 300, and 400, etc. I have had a few guns in the past that had failures within the first 20 rounds. If it fails a second time within 100 more rounds, I sell it. But that's just me.

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    I shot 80 rounds, mixed loads per mag. It's on my hip every day.
    S&W M&P FS.40 cal. I trust this gun to go bang every time I pull the trigger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Ramsey View Post
    I put a couple hundred through my 10mm before setting the 40 aside. I make sure if I switch up carry ammo that I fire a 50 round box to see if it eats them up ok.

    I did see if I could make my glock fail by "limp wristing" it and sure enough, it can be done but it's scary doing it... My normal grip works well though.
    I don't know that mentally I could hold the gun so lightly and pull the trigger. You just know bad things are going to happen.
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    100 - 200 rounds is the normal for me before I will start carrying it, sure I want to make sure there are no malfunctions but I want to be accurate with it as well. Probably 300 in my 1911, Several failures in the first 100 but determinied it was two of the magizines. Broke in nicely now. Never have had a failure in any of my Glocks, 100's of rounds in each. Really like the Glocks. I did have some failures in the LC9 when a friend was shooting it many months ago when it was brand new. This was determined to be caused by limp wristing as I have never had any issues with it.

  8. The EAA Witness in 10mm had recoil slide lock issues. It took 500 rounds and several adjustments to the 3 mags before I found success. Also polishing the backside of the fireing pin surface was rough. Sending the gun into EAA found no resolution or nothing wrong when I first got the gun. Maybe some of the springs loosened up but zero failures after 500 rounds....YES!!!!

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    Some firearms require a little "break-in" or minor adjustments before they function the way they should. Once I have reached that point (that could be anywhere from 50-300 rds or so...), for me, it's 200 rds with no malfunctions of any kind using the type of ammunition I will be using when carrying. Nothing is certain in life, but you want to be as certain as you can about your firearm's performance, since you may someday be relying on it to defend yourself or family. If I want to change ammo type? Another 200 rds of malfunction-free performance before it's "duty" ammo.

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    I honestly think the question should be "How many rounds do you fire through a specific gun type before you BUY it?" After I buy what I like, I'll shoot it until I'm comfortable with it. No round count. For my Ruger P95 After about 50rounds I was OK with it. It was similar to what I carry in the service, just a matter of trusting the gun, and familiarizing yourself with the position and function of the "accessories" (mag release, slide release, safety/decock etc.) With my LC9 It took longer. I have big hands and it took a little getting used to. I would not have purchased it without the "pinky extension" or whatever you call it on the magazine. Short answer, trust it and trust yourself with it.

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    Usually between 6 and 18. Sometimes a few more if I am shooting different types of ammo through it (different points of impact). But really, if the first six hit where they are supposed to hit, I am usually happy to carry it.

    Ah, the pleasures of carrying a revolver . . .

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