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Thread: How many rounds do you fire before carrying a new handgun?

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    I put a couple hundred rounds of practice ammo through it followed by 20 - 25 rounds of defensive ammo to ensure reliable feeding.

    That being said, I've never had a failure on a Springfield (2 1911's, 2 XDm's & a XDs), Sig (P229) or a Glock (G20 &G29).

    My Kahr CW9 started out with a few minor problems but they recommend putting a few hundred rounds through it to break it in. Aside from those initial problems, encountered in the first 50 rounds, the Kahr has run flawlessly.
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    With my Bersa .380 Firestorm, I put a couple of 50 round boxes through it at first... then on subsequent trips to the range, two or three mags each trip, never one malfunction of any kind. Started carrying it every day.
    When I finally got my Bersa Thunder 9 UC Pro, I did the same... no malfunctions. A couple of weekends ago I had one fte when shooting a couple of boxes of reloads. Later I shot several mags, some FMJ, and some JHP, (none of them reloads) without any malfunction. So I've determined that the fte was due to the reloaded ammo. Never a qualm about depending on either of them for defense.
    I'm one who thinks the Bersa is one of the best kept secrets of the firearms industry. Doesn't have the finish of a Taurus, Sig or Kimber, but still just as dependable. And not as expensive, either.

    I can't afford as much ammo as I would like to shoot. I live on a fixed income that's probably much lower than some of you, so I have to shoot wisely. I splurged once in a while, if I'm shooting with some of my Grandkids, but that's not often.
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    With the XD, Bersa, Taurus, if it goes 50 rds without issue, I carry it, the Glocks if two or three mags go through it with no problem I'l carry it, the 1911s 150 to 200 rds with no problems then i'l carry it
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  5. I don't have a standard minimum threshold. I do shoot new guns with either cheap factory or handloads first. Then I'll try several different types of self defense ammo to see if the gun has a favorite. By the time I'm done, I've probably shot about 200-300 rounds. I've done this with a half dozen or so pistols, and haven't seen any glaring ammo issues. I did find out that my 380 hates Francci hallow points, but these were the only cheap ammo I could find, and never intended for concealed carry.

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    Only ammo issue I've had was at one of the ranges I go to. A few months ago when the ammo shortage was at its peak, they let me know they got a flat of 9mm in. Turns out it was Russian ammo, and I couldn't get through a 15rd mag without stovepipes and fail-to-feed/double feed issues. (Ruger P95). Same ammo went through my LC9 no problem. I gained a new respect for the "noisy cricket"

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    200 MINIMUM!
    that covers minimum break in and wearing in of trigger and sear assemblies not to mention that it makes you very familiar with that weapon

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    The last 2 handguns I bought to carry were Springfield's, XD 40 & XDs 45 both very friendly and with ammo being VERY hard to find, 100 rounds seems like enough to do the job. Depends on how much you have shot & how familiar you are with the gun. If it was affordable I would shoot three times a week with everything I had.
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    Depends on the reputation of the firearm and my personal experiences with the manufacturer/model of weapon. Up until about a week ago my everyday carry was a Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm Full Size but I felt myself wanting something a bit more compact and with a little more power for the tradeoff. I ended up purchasing an M&P 45c to take it's place and I honestly haven't put any rounds through it yet but with the shortage going on right now I believe I'll put around 50 rounds through it and call it good. I know the M&P line is good (both from personal experience and others stories) and will have no problem trusting the weapon once I know it shoots and cycles.

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    Have a Bersa .380 and a Bersa .32 and neither has given me any problem. 100 FMJ thru the .380 then 50 carry rounds then carried it. With the .32 I put 100 rounds of FMJ thru with no problem and started carrying with FMJ ammo.
    As someone said earlier Bersa's are a dependable gun sold at a reasonable price. I trust them.

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    How many rounds do you fire before carrying a new handgun?

    200rd FMJ and 50rd of chosen carry ammo (using all mags) to begin breaking in and to test ammo, mags, and firearm. After that, I felt comfortable carrying my XDm. Also, lots of non-live-fire practice to familiarize myself with the gun and all facets of its operation.
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