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  1. Remington 870 Question

    Ok. I have a Remington 870 clone. I replaced the stock with a collapsible stock. I recently ordered a single point sling adapter for it. When I remove the stock and insert the sling adapter between the gun and the stock the screw in the stock is just a bit short to catch and screw into the gun. Is there anyway to remove the screw to replace it with a longer one?

  3. may i suggest to just buy a sling screw, drill a hole in the stock and install new sling screw

  4. Remington 870 Question

    Don't want to drill a hole. That's why I payed $25 for the sling adapter.

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    Remove the stock from the gun, take it, the sling, and original screw to a good ACE Hardware Store and the people there will hook you up with a longer screw with the same threading and the same or better strength.
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  6. Remington 870 Question

    On the inside of the stock there is an octagon shaped nut. It's about 1/2 inch long that the screw goes into once it enters the stock. This nut is not attached to the stock but keeps the screw from being removed. Does the screw break loose from that nut?

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