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    We make sure we don't go through Il or mn when we head to Yuma. When in Yuma, California time is down to a short visit with the youngest in San Diego.
    They can come to Yuma for a Jeep outing.

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    I'm getting ready to travel to N.C. in a few days. Luckily will be traveling through all gun friendly states.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rabbitcreekok View Post
    I love Colorado. I have vacationed more in Colorado since I was first there in 1955 than any other state. I guess what I really love is the mountains and it is the closest mountain state to me. New Mexico just can't match up. So now I guess I will have to make the longer drive to Wyoming or Idaho for my Rocky Mountain High.

    Last summer I drove out of my way, lengthening my trip by quite a few miles, to avoid driving through Illinois. I think you just have to stand up for your beliefs.

    Guess You haven't been to northern NM then. There are some very nice areas north by the CO border. Don't forget that the NRA Whittington Center is just south of Raton, with camping and shooting, what's not to like.

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