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    Hey, Influencer. No I didn't, but if you want to forward it to another site, feel free to do so. Wish there were a way to get these comments and thoughts out to the general population where the unaware could see what is going on behind the smokescreens of politians and big-monied idiots like Boobberg and his ilk.

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    An Alternate Reality, I Assure You...
    Quote Originally Posted by bigstonebeach View Post

    Dear Friend:

    Thank you for taking the time to write. I have heard from many Americans regarding firearms policy and gun violence in our Nation, and I appreciate your perspective. From Aurora to Newtown to the streets of Chicago, we have seen the devastating effects gun violence has on our American family. I join countless others in grieving for all those whose lives have been taken too soon by gun violence.

    Like the majority of Americans, I believe the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to bear arms. In this country, we have a strong tradition of gun ownership that has been handed down from generation to generation. Hunting and sport shooting are part of our national heritage. Yet, even as we acknowledge that almost all gun owners in America are responsible, when we look at the devastation caused by gun violence—whether in high-profile tragedies or the daily heartbreak that plagues our cities—we must ask ourselves whether we are doing enough.

    While reducing gun violence is a complicated challenge, protecting our children from harm should not be a divisive one. Most gun owners agree that we can respect the Second Amendment while keeping an irresponsible, law-breaking few from inflicting harm on a massive scale. Most also agree that if we took commonsense steps to curtail gun violence, there would be fewer atrocities like the one that occurred in Newtown. We will not be able to stop every violent act, but if there is even one thing we can do to reduce gun violence—if even one life can be saved—then we have an obligation to try.

    That is why I asked Vice President Joe Biden to identify concrete steps we can take to keep our children safe, help prevent mass shootings, and reduce the broader epidemic of gun violence in this country. He met with over 200 groups representing a broad cross-section of Americans and heard their best ideas. I have put forward a specific set of proposals based off of his efforts, and in the days ahead, I intend to use whatever weight this office holds to make them a reality.

    My plan gives law enforcement, schools, mental health professionals, and the public health community some of the tools they need to help reduce gun violence. These tools include strengthening the background check system, helping schools hire more resource officers and counselors and develop emergency preparedness plans, and ensuring mental health professionals know their options for reporting threats of violence. And I directed the Centers for Disease Control to study the best ways to reduce gun violence—because it is critical that we understand the science behind this public health crisis.

    As important as these steps are, they are not a substitute for action from Congress. To make a real and lasting difference, members of Congress must also act. As part of my comprehensive plan, I have called on them to pass some specific proposals right away. First, it is time to require a universal background check for anyone trying to buy a gun. Second, Congress should renew the 10-round limit on magazines and reinstate and strengthen the assault weapons ban. We should get tougher on those who buy guns with the purpose of selling them to criminals, and we should impose serious punishments on anyone who helps them do this.

    These are reasonable, commonsense measures that have the support of the majority of the American people. But change will not come unless the American people demand it from their lawmakers. Now is the time to do the right thing for our children, our communities, and the country we love. We owe the victims of heartbreaking national tragedies and the countless unheralded tragedies each year nothing less than our best effort—to seek consensus in order to save lives and ensure a brighter future for our children.

    Thank you, again, for writing. I encourage you to visit Now is the time | The White House to learn more about my Administration’s approach.


    Barack Obama

    Propaganda, anyone?

    To be forward and frank, anyone who supports removing from the law-abiding citizens of America the most effective firearms available for defense against others clearly has NO IDEA what the 2A means or it's purpose.

    I'll elaborate a bit; The 2A was written into law to secure for the FREE CITIZENS of the Several States an equally effective means of defense against the tyranny of the Federal Gov't.

    Well, there it is guys... that's it, there's no more. It wasn't written into law to secure us weapons to hunt with of even as a means of having weapons to defend against your local thug, these are simply by-products of owning firearms in a FREE SOCIETY.

    To paraphrase a bit, the beauty of the 2A is it isn't necessary until they(gov't) try to take it away. First one to tell me who said that gets a cookie. As insane as the idea of defending ourselves against our very own gov't seems in today's AmeriKa, it remains a reality of living in a Republic based on Individual Liberty. Tyranny doesn't sleep, it doesn't only happen every other century or off in some far away hell hole. It's always present, it's always knocking on Liberty's door and (to borrow a bit from Reagan, sorta) it's never more than a generation away from being the world you'd find yourself living in.

    Educate, watch, listen and think. The world around you isn't what it may seem, your perceptual reality may be your minds way of making everything alright. Turning your eyes from a disaster doesn't make it go away, ignoring tyranny doesn't make it inert or non-existent. Vigilance must become a way of life, and yes... it is tiring and emotionally draining, but without it we may lose everything.

    Pass the word and get your mind right, gentlemen.
    Quote Originally Posted by Deanimator View Post
    [*]Don't be afraid to use sarcasm, mockery and humiliation. They don't respect you. There's no need to pretend you respect them.
    Operation Veterans Relief: http://www.opvr.org/home.html

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    Read it and weep.....
    Taken from Hitler's play book...

    And there is of course, this...

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    Fairy Tale or Sea Story, you pick.

    Quote Originally Posted by memphis_raines View Post
    Whenever you hear a Demoncrat use the phrase "common sense measures", you know you're about to hear some of the craziest **** you've ever heard in your life. It's just like when someone says "I'm not a racist", then follows it up with a Hitler-esque tirade.
    Served in the US Navy during Vietnam and remember my chief always telling us what the difference was between a "fairy tale" and a "sea story" for as most veterans know sailors are full of sea stories with some of them sounding a lot like fairy tales. Anyway a "fairy tale" starts with the words "once upon a time" and a "sea story" starts with the words "this ain't no *****".
    IMO this letter should be started with both sets of words.
    I'd rather be a Conservative Nutjob. Than a Liberal with NO Nuts & NO Job

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    Third Worst Instead

    Quote Originally Posted by Koolbota View Post
    Obama rated the 5th best President ever !
    Obama rated 5th best US President ever

    Of the total of 44 US Presidents: Obama rated 5th best president ever. I was
    just reading a Democratic publicity release that said, "...after a little
    more than 4 years, Obama has been rated the 5th best president ever."

    The details according to White House Publicists..:
    * Reagan, Lincoln, and 8 others tied for first,
    * 15 presidents tied for second,
    * 17 other presidents tied for third,
    * Jimmy Carter came in 4th, and
    * Obama came in fifth

    Taking in to consideration all the presidents involved with all of these ties 41 presidents out of a total of 44 presidents are considered better than our current president, really. Yet they promote the fact that his is the 5th best president ever. What crap, what holy bull$hit and the lesser educated will take it at face value and run with it.

    Quote Originally Posted by S&W645 View Post
    The red part is the best part.
    You are so RIGHT, Jimmy Carter being listed as better than Obummer is just such a slap in the face, yet he will never bat an eye or even acknowledge his place on the list of being the 3rd WORST President ever.

    I'd rather be a Conservative Nutjob. Than a Liberal with NO Nuts & NO Job

  7. Quote Originally Posted by bigstonebeach View Post
    Hey, Influencer. No I didn't, but if you want to forward it to another site, feel free to do so. Wish there were a way to get these comments and thoughts out to the general population where the unaware could see what is going on behind the smokescreens of politians and big-monied idiots like Boobberg and his ilk.
    The reason I asked is a user on rugerforums.net posted this exact same reply yesterday.

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    Whenever the liberals start talking about "reasonable" measures it reminds me of the old saying; "Be reasonable, do it my way".

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    I got that one on March 15th. He is still ending out the one. No word changes.

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    White House response - Can you believe it?

    I wouldn't waste postage sending a letter to the P.O.S.U.S.

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    I respect the Office of President, but the lying Quisling who occupies it traduces it.
    Better to perish in the struggle for freedom than live to see defeat. There ARE things to be feared more than death. The fyrd is a Constitutional imperative.

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