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Thread: Is this Open or Concealed Carry?

  1. Quote Originally Posted by SeptemberSniper View Post
    If you cant see it from 3 sides, its concealed in WV.
    Says who? No basis in statute or case law for that.
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  3. In NC it is Open. To me the problem with that picture is there is no type of retention. Anyone can grab it and take it. I open carry everyday with a serpa paddle holster, It is a retention type. Your index finger has to push a button to remove the weapon. My IWB is for concealment and had no retention. Use the right holster for the job.

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    Dont take advice from strangers on the internet. Go look up the definition of "concealed" for yourself in your state's statutes.

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    I don't know your state laws, but based on the photo provided, I can see what appears to be the grip of a gun. I think that a reasonable person would believe that it is a gun. And if a reasonable person believes it to be a gun, a gun that is in plain view, that reasonable person would most likely consider it to NOT be concealed. Just because a person carries their gun in an IWB holster does not mean that the gun is concealed. And as has been mentioned, search your local laws, and carry as allowed.

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    In Texas, that is open carry, and illegal. Unless I misread, or the law has recently changed, in Texas, you are also not able to "print", meaning that you can see the outline of the weapon, even if covered. Concealed means totally from view.
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    Open - and no offense, but this is a stupid question. No way you can be serious.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Javy View Post
    Is carrying a gun IWB but with the shirt tucked in, open carry or concealed carry? I mean with a standard IWB holster, just showing part of the grip. See attached photo for example. I think that open carry is when you use OWB holster.

    If my zipper is down and my junk is only partially sticking out, is it 'concealed' or 'exposed'??

    Surely you cannot be serious with this question.
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  9. Looks like open carry to me. Be prepared to explain to the law enforcement officer when they stop you.. Unless you can open carry legally in your state. Then still be prepared to explain to the leo when they confront

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    Quote Originally Posted by spdracr39 View Post
    If your fly is open and your tool is only partially exposed are you going to be arrested for indecent exposure ? You can't be partially concealed it is or it's not. Printing without ANY exposure is ok.
    As good an explanation of, IMO, a rather ignorant thread (I apologize but there is no way to avoid saying less). I used this reply based on the last statement. Somehow common sense tells me that if your print is so obvious as to be crying out for OC, it will cause you some problems--legal? illegal? I would not be willing to bet a day in court over something so reckless---ie: a tight form fitting opaque tee shirt where the gun is not visible but as plain as day as being there.

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    Is this Open or Concealed Carry?

    Duly noted.
    For me OWB with tucked shirt is open carry and for law enforcement. IWB as in the photo should be considered concealed inside the pants. I live in Florida and that exposure is illegal, but I disagree, is just my opinion. It will be easier to sell this idea to the politician, that the idea of fully loaded fisherman in a public beach pier... Which one looks less aggressive or more civilized?
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