Is this Open or Concealed Carry?
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Thread: Is this Open or Concealed Carry?

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    Is this Open or Concealed Carry?

    Is carrying a gun IWB but with the shirt tucked in, open carry or concealed carry? I mean with a standard IWB holster, just showing part of the grip. See attached photo for example. I think that open carry is when you use OWB holster.

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    In my state that is considered open. That is exactly how I carry 90% of the time and it allows me to just pull my shirt up and drape it over the grip if I want to quickly it's comfortable.
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  4. In FL that would be open carry and illegal

  5. If you can see ANY part of it, it's open carry.

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    If you cant see it from 3 sides, its concealed in WV.

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    In FL that would be OPEN CARRY, you need to wear a shirt over it.
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    Is this Open or Concealed Carry?

    Open in Wisconsin. Legal without a permit. However, carrying this way may result in a citation if you don't have a CCW, as it may be considered partial/attempted concealment. Someone with better knowledge of the laws may be able to clear this one up. I've read through the WI statute several times, and there is no mention of printing or attempted concealment, nor are there any formal definitions. Other references only mention "concealed" as hidden from ordinary view.
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    If your fly is open and your tool is only partially exposed are you going to be arrested for indecent exposure ? You can't be partially concealed it is or it's not. Printing without ANY exposure is ok.

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    You HAVE to know your State laws. Some State statutes require either fully open or completely concealed. No in between.

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    Here in Vermont, it would be considered "no one cares" carry.
    No permit is needed here to OC/CC so it wouldn't matter how you carried.

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