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    The problem is that a 22 needs to be a well placed shot. I'm more confident in my wife placing a reasonably close 9 than a dead on 22. When the SHTF even well trained cops have been known to miss. Mostly what's needed in a shooting is to stop the bad guy from progressing. A 22 doesn't guarantee that unless it's right between the orbs. A 9 in the gut is gonna be too painful. One in the chest is pretty serious, especially if it's an high efficiency round, Gold Dot, Ranger T, JHP, etc.

    My EDC is a 45 loaded with Ranger T +P rounds. One in the center should be more than enough to stop anyone from advancing.

    Best thing you can do for your sister is to get her to a range where she can actually try some different guns. I'd bet she would like a sub compact 9 more than a 22 revolver.

    My 4 year old granddaughter can shoot a 22.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cluznar View Post
    My sister is afraid of a lot of recoil but wants a handgun for defending herself.

    Now my question is how much recoil does a .22 magnum snubby with 2 inch barrel have? Is it easy to control? I have heard the .22 mag can be a nasty round to be shot with and it has little recoil, is that right? I also thought of a .32 acp pistol. But I would have to believe the .22 mag is less recoil.

    Who can tell me here?

    22mag can be a little snappy and a little less than accurate out of such anshort barrel. I don't want to participate in the caliber debate. So take her some place like cabelas or another store that has a good supply of different sizes and brands let her decide what fits her best. No preasure be patient and above all helpful. Also look at how she will carry it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firefighterchen View Post
    Lol at the comments that go straight to caliber debates when the op asks for opinions on recoil....

    My suggestions:
    FN 5.7 (hot round, low recoil from pretty much every reviewer off this handgun)

    Walther PK380 (larger handgun, smaller caliber, less recoil)

    KelTec PMR 30 (larger frame, tremendous capacity, .22WMR)

    I believe with enough practice any caliber is manageable, but those would be very good low recoil defense handguns.
    I beg your pardon, I spoke to recoil and barrel length.
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    I agree, get her out to the range and have her try some different guns. Also, show her some youtube videos of ammo tests in ballistic gel so she can see the huge difference in stopping power. My wife tried a bunch of different guns and she actually likes a 1911 the best.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whodat2710 View Post
    Can of worms post buddy... IMHO, 3 well placed shots with a .22 would be better than a few misses with a .50 cal. That said, versus an adrenaline charged attacker I wouldn't want a .22 to be the only thing between my wife and a bad situation. Your sister might be afraid of spiders too, but if you gotta go to the basement you just suck it up. Get over the fear, but don't go with a caliber she can't physically control.
    That's why you get a semi auto and dump a 10 round mag into the bastard.

  8. My wife can't rack a slide due to a horrific car accident years ago. She shot, and felt comfortable with the recoil of an air weight Smith & Wesson .38 Special Bodyguard with laser, at the range 6 weeks ago.

    Problem is, there are none to be found anywhere. I've tried to talk her into others, but she liked the .38 special s&w the best, so that's what she's gonna get...sometime.

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