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    I just wanted to vent after my long day of trying to buy a gun off of Armslist. I've been looking for a couple days now for a Walther PPS in a .40 cal. I've found several potentially good deals but the people selling them were going to wind up costing me a fortune. Most people preferred to deal locally (naturally, but I couldn't find anyone in SC with a price I was willing to pay), but the one that would ship would only ship FROM an FFL. Now from the extensive research I've done, it is perfectly legal for an individual to walk into FedEx or UPS and ship a gun as long as its going TO an FFL. Well naturally they want you to cover their FFL as well, and its not like those damn things are high enough as it is. I have a decently cheap one here locally but most everybody I talked to was quoting me a ridiculous FFL fee on their end. What is these people's reasoning for wanting to ship from an FFL dealer?

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    Legal liability most likely. Not all UPS and FEDEX locations can handle the shipments but all post offices can from an FFL.
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    If you consider the cost of overnighting by FedEx or UPS to the cost of paying an FFL to send it via Priority Mail, it may still be cost effective to use the FFL to FFL route.
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