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Thread: 7 year old boy nabbed on 'Felony' BB Gun Charges...???

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    7 year old boy nabbed on 'Felony' BB Gun Charges...???

    I remember when I was about 13 and had a gas powered air soft pistol. I accidentally dropped it in the house one day and it went off... It ended up putting two holes in a very old and VERY expensive oil painting. I didn't even realize it at the time but when my mom saw it a few weeks later and pulled it of the wall, two plastic BBs fell out from behind it. My fate was pretty much sealed at that point. Never saw that pistol again.

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    BB guns are illegal at the state and local area some places. As I recollect, all or parts of MA consider them to be firearms.

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    7 year old boy nabbed on 'Felony' BB Gun Charges...???

    Such BS when a similar BB misunderstanding occurred in my life. I got beat (verbally, that's always worse anyway), bb gun removed, never to be seen again. The other kids involved. I apologized we shook hands and went back to being friends. Sad how the fascism is extending into the youth. No wonder kids are going crazy.
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    My dads weapon of choice in this case would have been a razor strap.

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    Yes, the parents handeled it very well and I'm sure that child respects them. I see some kids today who have no respect, and that starts out with the parents. I talked back to my father, once, and only once,,, he made sure of that ;)

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    To amplify on SW645's quote of NC law, there's the actual definition of "firearm" in another section of the codes.

    Firearm. A handgun, shotgun, or rifle which expels a projectile by action of an explosion.
    You think maybe the charges got dropped when someone pointed out the actual law to the prosecutor?

    The whole episode stinks like a pile of ripe elephant poop. When the parents, car owner and local cop were all satisfied that justice had been done, there was zero reason for the so called justice system to step in. Other than politics, of course.
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