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    I just got off the phone with ken safe...the makers of gun vault. I have several pistol safes by them and one has broken. There is a little wire used to pull open the lock when the correct combination has been entered. Anyway the wire broke on one of mine. I called to get the part and was told that they don't send out parts, they would just exchange the safe. Great I thought. Nope they will only exchange the safe if it is under a year old. So......unless I can fix it myself I have a 150 dollar speed safe that requires a key to open. Nice customer service my point is this....this is a firearm safe that was bought for the sole purpose of being able to access a firearm in a hurry, probably under a stressful situation and the part that was its main selling point does not work! Stand by your product gun vault! I will be looking for another system that will work when needed.

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    Thanks markr64, I will give them a try.

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    I've got two Bull Dog vaults. One in my car and one that I use for checked in baggage while flying. The car vault is electronic and the travel vault takes a key. Haven't had a problem and they are relatively inexpensive compared to others.
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  6. I think that all the electronic handgun safes are throw-away models and I doubt any of the manufacturers sell parts for them. The ones that use a mechanical pushbutton lock are very simple, reliable, and durable, plus you can buy a replacement lock if needed. I'm sure they can wear out, but it's pretty rare from my experience. The steel is usually much thicker too on these safes. There are several brands that have different features.

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