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    If I was an Elite organization... say for instance a very large bank (or a cartel of international banks) and wanted to gain extrodinary wealth and power by using the U.S. as the engine for my plan I would infiltrate first the political system but the very next thing I would infiltrate would be the education system. I would push the ideas of Karl Marx to the children under the cover of being liberal and progressive because those terms originally have a positive conotation until you begin digging deeper into the overall agenda. I would do this because if I was a power hungry elitist I would not want today's children to grow up and oppose the plan to bring in a new world order. Our government is not our government. It has been heavily inflitrated by foreign corporate interests. For some interesting reading check out Charlotte Iserbyt and her book, the Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.

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    Agenda 21 - by Glen Beck and Harriet Parke is an OK (albeit scary) story, and in the Afterword he begins with "this novel is fiction". There are about a dozen pages of factual information about the UN Agenda 21 that is all verifiable, and eye-opening.

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    Gates Funds Functional MRI’s for School Children to Measure Brain Activity

    Published June 13, 2012 | By Susie Schnell
    If you have been following the Common Core movement, you know that it was the Gates foundation that pushed for and funded the creation of the Common Core standards by pumping nearly $20 million into the National Governors Association and Council of Chief State Superintendents Organizations. It is the goal of the Gates Foundation to create a global education system, but beyond that, they are involved in some very invasive classroom technologies as well.
    High Tech Biometric Bracelets to Be Worn by Teachers and Students
    The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has just granted Clemson University $498,055 to work with members of the Measuring Effective Teachers (MET) team to measure engagement physiologically with Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) bracelets. Students and teachers are to wear these devices to measure excitement, attention, anxiety, boredom or relaxation in order to measure teacher effectiveness. Read more…
    Just When You Thought It Couldn?t Get Crazier? | Diane Ravitch's blog
    Gates Funds Functional MRI’s for School Children to measure brain activity
    The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation gave a grant for $621,285 to the National Commission on Time & Learning to study the electronic bracelet and functional MRI’s for children. Functional magnetic resonance imaging, or fMRI, is a technique for measuring brain activity. It works by detecting the changes in blood oxygenation and flow that occur in response to neural activity. It is non-invasive, safe for the subject and easy for the experimenter to use making it a popular tool for imaging normal brain function – especially for psychologists. Read more…
    What is Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI)? | Psych Central
    Gates Funds High Tech Temporary Tattoo for Collecting Brain and Muscle Signals. Developer Envisions Use in Education.
    Described as an electronic “tattoo”, the device is a wearable patch of circuits, sensors, and wireless transmitters that sticks to the skin like a temporary tattoo. It can be placed over an existing tattoo to minimize attention. Electrical signals from the brain and skeletal muscles transmit the information wirelessly to an external computer. “…efficient union(s) between brains and machines is a central theme of (Todd) Coleman’s research and he envisions endless applications in areas such as military operations, gaming, education…” Read more…
    High-Tech Gadget Sticks to Skin Like Temporary Tattoo
    UCSD Electronic Wireless Tattoo Receives Grant from the Gates Foundation
    Smart skin: Electronics that stick and stretch like a temporary tattoo | News Bureau | University of Illinois
    Gates Sponsored Organization Urges Dept of Ed to Increase Learning Time at School in Order for Districts to Qualify for Race to the Top Grants.
    “The National Center on Time & Learning (NCTL) submitted a very detailed comment on the Department of Education website urging the Department to incorporate expanded learning time in the upcoming round of Race to the Top, which is focused on individual school districts as opposed to states.” Race to the Top Recommendation | The National Center on Time & Learning
    Teachers to be Videotaped During Class Along with Wearing Biometric Bracelets
    “The goal of the (Gates Foundation) MET project is to improve the quality of information about teaching effectiveness available to education professionals within states and districts—information that will help them build fair and reliable systems for teacher observation that can be used for a variety of purposes…This information will include videotaped classroom observations, student surveys, tests of teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge, and analyses of student assessment data to examine achievement gains over time.”
    What We Do - Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
    Texas: Students Will Be Tracked Via Chips in IDs
    Northside Independent School District plans to track students next year on two of its campuses using technology implanted in their student identification cards in a trial that could eventually include all 112 of its schools and all of its nearly 100,000 students. District officials said the Radio Frequency Identification System (RFID) tags would improve safety by allowing them to locate students — and count them more accurately at the beginning of the school day to help offset cuts in state funding, which is partly based on attendance. Read more…
    Students will be tracked via chips in IDs - San Antonio Express-News

  5. hi Folks.
    I am a coach in ILL. I have a student on my team who is in 8th grade and I was talking to a other coach about guns and the 2Amendment.. And this kid said that the 2nd Amendment is for nat guard not people. that the court never rule that it was for a person I told him he was wrong and look it up. he said that it was a lib agenda. I took a lot of things I downloaded off of the web SCOTUS and the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment and gave it to him to read it and HE said that the 2a was a living document and it was open to interpretation. This has to be a program the schools are using across the USA. The same words and the same ideas.
    It has to be. Can someone who is high up in the NRA look at this I am not a parent or coach at this school and they would not talk to me when I called.
    Woodland middle school Gurnee IL. Someone is pushing a program across the usa in middle schools.

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    A shining promotion for home schooling if I ever heard one.
    Due to the increased cost of Ammunition I will be forced to discontinue warning shots as of now! USAF Chief Master Sergeant, Retired, 1979-2005

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    Let members of any school administration come to my house unannounced to let me know about 2A and I will teach them a lesson they will never forget.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whodat2710 View Post
    Agenda 21 - by Glen Beck and Harriet Parke is an OK (albeit scary) story, and in the Afterword he begins with "this novel is fiction". There are about a dozen pages of factual information about the UN Agenda 21 that is all verifiable, and eye-opening.
    Agenda 21 is an agenda for sustainable development. Orwellian terms are given to movements like these to gain popularty amung the masses where in this case it is with the "greenies" or "treehugers" and the enviro-savy folks. Al Gore has done a good job selling his idea of people being bad due to thier carbon footprint to the democrats and people non suspecting of a scam. I would not even buy a used car from Gore. Nothing wrong with the idea of conserving natural resources and managing actual polution imo but this agenda is not "sustainable" and is meant to control everyone's daily lives and activities beginning with where you are going to live to what you are going to eat and how large your family is. Rosa Koire's, Behind the Green Mask, really breaks down what this is all about. In short it is about complete control and loss of sovereignty.

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