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Thread: 15 stabbed on Houston area college campus today - 4 had to be Air Lifed to area hospi

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    His brother's girldfriend's hairdresser's boyfriend had a 30 round magazine in his trunk..... But it was not loaded, will they try to admit it in evidence?

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    Hey hey hey!!!! They wont try to ban the assault knife, or any scary looking knife until after we the people have to go through background checks to purchase one. As it stands I will step up and take charge of the BATFEs Knife division. I will gladly make $5000000 just to issue licenses to sell knives, so instead of an FFL, it will be a FKL. NO person to person knife sales without the background check, fingerprints taken, name and DNA sample of all animals owned past and present. Also you will be guilty of a felony unless you answer the question "Have you stopped beating your wife\girlfriend yet"
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    Mark my words there will not be one thing said about a knife ban. In fact I will be surprised if this story dies in the media quicker then any of the other recent news worthy events.

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    Assault knife????? It was an Exacto Knife. When an Exacto Knife grows up it turns into a box cutter. They hijacked those planes with box cutters.

    All kidding aside, this incident just proves that campus carry is reasonable. You never know when or where you will stand face to face with evil.
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  6. 15 stabbed on Houston area college campus today - 4 had to be Air Lifed to area hospi

    It had to have been an assault knife...I mean there's NO WAY you could stab that many people with a regular knife!

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    I read about this incident yesterday, didn't see anything about it on the evening news though, maybe I missed it when away from the telivision for 15 seconds getting a beer. Individual injures 14 at college campus with a knife. Most likely a gun free zone hence the reason the attacker used a knife. He probably was tired and collapsed after going after 14 people, wow....could have been much worse. Seriosly it saddens me that all these peolpe were injured but glad they are alive. Just goes to show that we are not going to stop evil. Leaving our people or our students in this case defenceless against this should be a crime in itself. Maybe the prez will address this today.

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    Another tragedy in a gun free zone...should've been a knife free zone too...I'm sure it would have made a worlds difference. OR if concealed carry was allowed, casualties would be little to none. Tried explaining that to an anti gun person yesterday. Their honest 'solution' to the problem? Ban guns and knives to save our children. Yes...yes of course...that will save 'Merica for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by recithree View Post
    the story around here is kinda being treated like a afterthought like its not a big story because a gun was not used.i guess the story is not aiding their adjenda so is not important enough to beat over your head over and over.
    This is exactly right. This multiple assaults with a knife against defenseless people story does not fit the narrative they are trying to sell, and so will get minimum exposure.

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    That's a really scary looking assault knife there Koolbota...you sure you're allowed to have that kinda thing around?

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