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    For me smaller is better, Sig P-238 in a Remora holster ( no clip ) or Ruger LPC! I don't want to go to war just get out of trouble if the need arises!

  3. Springfield XD S. Small, light, and single stacked 45. It has had fabulous reviews.

    Great concealed carry.

  4. I'm looking for a Glock 18 for concealed carry. I just love that safety lever on the slide. Oh what? That's not a safety? What, It's a full auto selector???? Now I really WANT ONE!

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    I am 5/11, 165, and carry a Glock 22 in an Old Faithful IWB at 8 o'clock, turtleneck outside the waistband or light sweater, and my shooting buddies say they cannot see it. I agree, the holster is the thing.

  6. I am a retired NYPD Sergeant who owns and loves the Glock 26. But under the NYS Safe Act I am limited to 7 rounds in the magazine. So I purchased the SW Shield 9mm. I think the Glock is a better firearm but I like the Shield as an alternative. It is sleek and a more comfortable to carry.

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    I am a small fella as well, my most every day carry is the G26, I don't find it bulky at all and quite comfortable actually but that is just me. Of course we have our own opinions. I like the full size glocks 1911's, Own them and carry them from time to time. I can't help it I like them all. No one can tell if I am carrying or not. Only had one person that has asked me why I always left my shirt un tucked or wore a jacket or vest and if I was carrying a gun.....with the right holsters, belts, cloths. Carry what you want and what you are comfortable with. Just takes some getting used too IMO.

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