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  1. pistol choice

    I love my s&w mp shield 9mm.I really wanted glock 26,but too big and bulky for my way of carrying. When they come out with single stack I am going to be the first in line.! hartman

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    pistol choice

    I don't see Glock coming out with a single stack 9mm anytime soon but who knows. I think most of their client base values the extra mag capacity over the slight edge to concealabilty. I carry a 23 every day and have no problem concealing it at all.

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    Love my Glock 30, its my ccw.
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    I carry a 92FS comfortably with IWB Old Faithful.

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    A double stack shouldn't be a problem with the right holster. I usually carry a XDs 45 but sometimes I carry a Glock 29 (10mm), both in SuperTuck holsters. Although the G29 is considerably thicker, the SuperTucks hold them so close to the body that there's not much difference in printing.
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  7. The Walther P99 and PPQ in 9mm are great carry handguns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dustoffuh1 View Post
    I carry a 92FS comfortably with IWB Old Faithful.
    I am with you 92g every day no issues no concerns

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    I'm a smaller framed guy, and I carry a Glock 23 in a Crossbreed Supertuck comfortably without anyone else noticing a thing. Even in the summer months with just a t-shirt and shorts, nobody notices, and I'm just as comfortable. When it comes down to carrying comfortably, the holster is everything.
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  10. I carry a G21SF for duty but a G19 off duty or when I am going to spend all day in office.

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    I also carry a Glock 29 10mm and 2 spare mags and I'm a skinny guy and I have no problem at all concealing it. I even have +2 mag extensions on all 3 so the handle/grip is a tad longer. Sometimes I'll switch up and carry an XD-40 sc with an extended mag and have no problems..

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