>Democrat admits Obama's Agenda is "Total Gun Ban"<
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Thread: >Democrat admits Obama's Agenda is "Total Gun Ban"<

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    Angry >Democrat admits Obama's Agenda is "Total Gun Ban"<

    Democratic Austin City Council member and potential next mayor Mike Martinez admitted during a speech that the Obama administration’s long term gun control agenda is focused on banning firearms altogether.
    Pointing out a sign held by a protester which read, “stop gun ban!,” Martinez remarked, “someone needs to inform him that there is no gun ban currently, but because of the work we’re doing here today, we will make your sign legitimate shortly, so you hang on to that.” The crowd cheered as Martinez made his vow.

    The event, which was was hosted in association with Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo who also gave a speech, took place on Saturday and was sponsored in part by Texas Gun Sense, a group pushing for stricter gun laws which would include universal background checks, limiting magazine capacities of semi-auto assault rifles and preventing guns being put in the hands of armed security guards on school campuses.

    The man holding the sign, known as “Texas George,” continually had his free speech impeded by pro-gun control demonstrators who repeatedly blocked his sign, according to reports.

    “Police had to step in for crowd control as speakers took the stage and the confrontation heated up,” reports KHOU.com.

    Organizer Hilary Rand with Moms Demand Action claimed that Second Amendment advocates were “perpetrating things that are just not true,” adding, “Nobody wants to ban guns here we’re just trying talking about coming up with sensible solutions that can help make us safer, we’re talking about strengthening the laws that we currently have and creating new laws that will help us enforce those laws we currently have, nobody wants to change the constitution.”

    However, Martinez’ assertion that a total gun ban would be made “legitimate” confounds this rhetoric and underscores the fact that tighter gun control restrictions and gun registrations are merely stepping stones to a British-style all out ban on firearms.

    These rare glimpses into the true guiding force behind the gun control agenda occasionally rear their head during public speeches.

    Back in 1995, current Attorney General Eric Holder called for authorities to “brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.”

    In the same year, current California Senator and gun control pioneer Dianne Feinstein told 60 Minutes, “If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States, for an outright ban, picking up [every gun]… Mr. and Mrs. America, turn ‘em all in.”

    While Democrats are admitting their overarching agenda is to ban firearms, the federal government is simultaneously arming itself to the teeth with the purchase of over 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition in addition to thousands of fully automatic assault rifles.

    The KHOU report below repeats rhetoric from the organizers that the rally was “not about banning guns completely.” Apparently, Mike Martinez didn’t get the memo.

    » Video: Democrat Admits Obama Agenda Is Total Gun Ban Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
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    The next thing you know, the democrats will be telling everyone that water is wet....

  4. This is not surprise as anyone who have watched the ant-firearm of Obama and his comrades unfold. He is pushing hard for a total ban and the disarming of all gun owners in the United States.

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    That's about all I have to say about their gun grab....

    I'll give my guns up... I'll give them up right after I give them every bullet I have and when they are able to pry my cold dead hand open.

  6. &gt;Democrat admits Obama's Agenda is &quot;Total Gun Ban&quot;&lt;

    I mean I think everyone already knew this, but my question is what connection to the administration would he have simply being a "candidate" for mayor? I'm not questioning his information, just whether or not its "inside info".

  7. I was very unhappy when Obama got elected the first time. I posted many times in many firearm forums, if you want a firearm you had better get to buying it. If you want Ammo. buy it now. That was over four years ago. Then when this Country with lots of help from special groups, and you know who these groups were, elected Obama again I again started posting buy them firearms now buy that Amm. you have been needing but have put it off. I just knew he would now really get going on the firearm issues. Then the perfect storm happened, meaning the two highly reported shooting in CO and CT. Now we see what is unfolding each day and night on our TV news.

  8. I ask the forum members this question. How many of you really think Obama when he was talking to the parents on the children killed at Sandy Hook about how sad it made him feel, and how he really intends to see they did not die for nothing. Who really believes what he is saying? Myself all I see is Obama using these poor souls who have lost their children, to just get his anti-firearm laws passed. Example flying on Air Force one the twelve parents to D.C. and parading them around the halls of congress. He was using them and I don't think after they are all back home, when he again is out playing golf with his good friends, he will even remember doing any of it.

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    I wonder how many people out there know the people of CT footed the bill for every one of those families from Sandy Hook, To have a state police officer assigned to them 24 hrs a day for the past three + months???? Talk about waste and promoting the "tragedy" !!!!

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    Liberal's are mentally ill. That has already been proven fact. Now. Since liberals are mentally ill, and this idiot Martinez is obviously a liberal, he should be committed, rather than elected Mayor. 'Cuff 'im, Dano!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rifleshooter474 View Post
    This is not surprise as anyone who have watched the ant-firearm of Obama and his comrades unfold. He is pushing hard for a total ban and the disarming of all gun owners in the United States.
    I do not know about other states or other people but here in SC he will never, ever get his ban and as far as I am concerned, they are my firearms, my cartridges---all obtained legally thru the law and supported by the sheriff in Charleston County. They come to my house for my firearms--someone will go to hell before I go to heaven. They did this in Germany 1930 and most of my fellow Jews gave in and eventually died as their dictator had wished for. In this country, our dictator will not get my firearms---I AM NOT A SHEEP.

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