, 03-19-2013 at 09:12 AM (218 Views)

I have just got done reading a post from my eMail from Dudely Brown “National Association For Gun Rights”. He had addressed the Gun Control: Plan “B” bill witch he had said that if you have had a “Stressful” or “Traumatic Experience” in your life, like a family member’s death, or an accident of some sort and had said this to a Law Officer, or a “Court of Law” that that would be enough to get your CCW canceled or taken away from you. Well this got me to thinking about what is printed on the back of my USCCA Self Defense card “Defensive Shooting Guidelines for the Responsibly Armed Citizen”. It says on one line of the card that “this is a Stressful and Traumatic Experience for me. Now then does this mean that the Gun Control: Plan “B” bill would apply if shown? If so then everybody that holds this card is subject to the Gun Control: Plan “B” bill, wouldn’t you think? Just something that caught my eye. If so maybe you could change it and put it in our Concealed Carry Magazine so all card holder’s will see this.