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Thread: A day after gun bill not passing- and ammo is becoming available

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    As mentioned by one of the post in that article, even the police are having troubles getting ammo. Which is cutting back on their training. Even having to go 3.5 hour drive each way to get some when needed the next day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CharlesMorrison View Post
    It's been weird for me. I can find .40 cal with no problem (which is OK as I own a .40!). I find .357 sig with no problem too but the 9mm has been gone for a long while!
    it was the same way the last time as well, while many calibers were easier to find 9mm was close to impossible to find, that is a reason for having guns of more than one stripe

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    Quote Originally Posted by CharlesMorrison View Post
    To be honest, I would gladly over pay for some 9mm ammo!
    I haven't been able to find ANY 9mm at ANY price for months now!
    I have 50 rounds of FMJ 9mm and I need a lot more!
    Was able to find some Fiocchi 9mm online at about $.40 per round, but it went out of stock quickly.
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  5. I've found that the best source for 9mm is our local Walmart. We have a pretty good relationship with the folks who work in the department. In the afternoon, they have a printout of what is going to be unloaded that evening. It is put in lockup until 7 AM the next morning, then brought out and sold first come, first served. Limit is 3 boxes but I bring my bride with me so we can get 6 boxes total. I also have a friend who does the same with two other Walmart locations. In the past month, I've been able to pick up 1200 rounds (two trips, 100 box Winchester = 24.47 box) and my friend picked up an additional 400 rounds for me. Feels pretty good to be able to invite others to our gun club's range and tell them that the ammo is my treat!

    Just a caution - your Wally's may be different as to schedule. Usually we are the first in line and the ammo is always gone within 20 minutes. If a person came by later, they would assume that there was no ammo being sold. YMMV.

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