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Thread: My Mother, the doctor and the obamacare required question

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    The answer to that question is always no but personally I have never been asked. Last time I checked there was no law against lying to your doctor.

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    Happens regularly at the VA clinics.
    Unfortunately that is part of the VA's PTSD, depression & suicide screening hat is always ongoing regardless of era. The best way to end that particular template is to ask "Why?" to all explanations offered eventually they get tired and move on, or just say "Nope, got none."

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    The only answer is silence. Why do people feel the need to respond. Let him eat silence.

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    Not sure if I posted this on this forum, or another, but a good reply is, "I don't know"

    Based on the commonly accepted definition of quantum physics, as exemplified by the tale of Schroedinger's cat, there may or may not be firearms at your home. You can't know unless you are there to observe their existence or lack thereof.
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    Wheaton Franciscan hospital systems in WI asks this. At least at my child's pediatritian office. I always answer no.

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    I know what my answer will be, "No, but I have a pressure cooker"!

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    My Mother, the doctor and the obamacare required question

    One of Obama's 21 Executive Orders was to remove the prohibition to ask and require the question.
    "Lets Be Careful Out There!"


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    My doctor and I regularly shoot together, he damn well knows my answer.

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    My doctor is scheduled to take my carry class. I guess he might suspect I own firearms. I know he does. I doubt he will ever ask that question.
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    Thankfully I will not have to answer that question as my Dr. is a gun guy himself and has asked me not to disarm when coming to his office for a checkup as he is always interested in what I might be carrying. His RN is also a gun girl so we have lots to discuss.

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