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Thread: My Mother, the doctor and the obamacare required question

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Austin View Post
    I like the "eat silence" comment. Thats what Ill do.
    I'm torn between silence & the Schrodinger's Cat response.

    The downside to silence is that it comes out of your 17 minutes with the doctor to actually address your reason for the visit. The old tv program Scrubs Chief Resident (John C. McGinty (sp?)) explained to the lead character how a 1 hour appointment is divided with the doctor's tasks- paperwork for insurance, billing, etc. The sad fact is that the template is correct 90% of the time. This template knowledge has served me well in breaking free enough to get my issues addressed!

    The entertainment value of the Schrodinger's Cat response, especially during a annual mandated psycho-social interview (PSI) has definite entertainment value possibilities. The downside to the Cat response is loosing valuable face to face doctor time.

    Within the VA system, anyone with a semi-severe, or worse, chronic disease gets this PSI as part of their annual physical. Should you know your providers well enough, they won't ask unless they are under Admin pressure to do so.

    The absolute downside to pursuing the above, at least within the VA and other Federal Health Care is that you can be adjudicated without a Court hearing as being incompetent enough not to be able to own/possess/use firearms Burr Amendment, S.Amdt. 720 to S. 649, at The current US Code allows this to happen no matter what your state's laws have to to say (citations omitted- remember Fed trumps State generally.

    Update 4/24: I have since seen several articles without references or citations that POTUS has created an Executive Order (EO) that this question will be asked now.
    I will post a question that seems to be becoming an issue for Veterans- the VA & VA Ratings Office has been sending Notices of Action (term that is being used) where a Veteran can and will be determined incompetent by the VA, without specific charges or witnesses unless a reply is made within 30 days by an informal hearing; the Vet has the traditional 30 day window for rebuttal, but how do you rebut unsubstantiated charges or hearsay when it's not enumerated per the Fed. Rules of Civil Procedure or relevant statutes cited?
    News at 6, film at 11 and the nausea continues.

  3. Well then answer it truthfully!

    A nurse asked me once if i kept a gun in the house near my children.
    I just say yes i do!!!locked in a gun rack but i don't need to receive your gun safety pamphlets.. how about you? do you own one?

    and it pretty much goes all about the visit from there.

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