Musing on Boston 'Lockdown' and Door to Door searches
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Thread: Musing on Boston 'Lockdown' and Door to Door searches

  1. Musing on Boston 'Lockdown' and Door to Door searches

    So, while I understand what they are doing and want to see this brought to an end, I'm curious about a couple things. On the news I keep seeing stories of the mayor and police ordering people to stay in their homes, heavily armed swat members yelling at people to go inside off their porches and intimidating them with some nebulous 'bomb threat' or other such thing. As far as I'm aware there is not a state of emergency there nor martial law so what right do the police have to tell you whether you can go outside or not, or anything else for that matter?

    The other question is about door to door searches. Don't they need to have the homeowner's consent to perform these searches without a warrant? I certainly wouldn't want a jumpy swat team eager to nail some bomb suspect tearing apart my house for no reason... besides, if said suspect had tried to enter my home they'd already know and there would probably be a body for them to pick up... I'm just wondering how many people will not comply with these door to door searches and how many of their rights will be violated through intimidation or just ignoring their non-consent. Nothing against the police in general here but there are enough bad apples and itchy trigger fingers to make any crisis like this dangerous, just look at the manhunt for the ex-cop in Cali not long ago where groups of officers were lighting up random civilians just for driving pickup trucks.

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    Musing on Boston 'Lockdown' and Door to Door searches

    No reports of non compliance. 4A says they need a warrant if the Patriot act does not override it. I for sure would not let them in... Like you they would have already gotten a call telling them they needed to remove the body. I have a feeling it's a test of the Marshall law they so desire.
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    I agree. It is for sure testing their present tactics, at the same time as they are looking for this muslimocreep. They'll have debriefings galore after it is all over, just to make improvements if possible to their tactics.
    As far as these two are concerned, I'd bet that taquiyya has been in use by them for the ten years or so that they've been in this country. Though this isn't the only tell-tale, if you just listening to the elder's boxing coach, you can understand that they can't be trusted. Period.
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    We are discussing an event in Massachusetts, right? Few law abiding citizens have handguns in that state and the long guns are suppose to be locked up, aren't they? Me thinks the BG has an advantage there.


  6. lot more hand guns in mass then most think and all by law abiding citizens

  7. Quote Originally Posted by DRNurse1 View Post
    We are discussing an event in Massachusetts, right? Few law abiding citizens have handguns in that state and the long guns are suppose to be locked up, aren't they? Me thinks the BG has an advantage there.
    Even if that were the case, I think I'd be.... cleaning, my shotgun, all day...

  8. Probably a lot of this is total shock. Most people in general see someone in authority and just give way.

    Based on all the video of the officers they are indeed jumpy as hell and are "probably" just trying to remove distractions as well as keep the people from being accidentally in the crossfire or give the perp a hostage. Officially the officers can not force the issue or make them go inside, kinda like in a hurricane.. "Mandatory Evacuation" is not really mandatory they just aren't going to come after or help you either.

    If the officer asks to come in and/or the homeowner steps back it's implied consent, add a **** ton of - oh **** there is a nut bag bomber running around the sheep will of course give way. If you stand your ground I hope you have video and witnesses as even if you are in the right as you may not be seen that way in a local court room. Right now those police are seen as "heroes chasing down a dangerous and crazy terrorist and how dare you stand in the way of them getting that guy who blew up that kid and the marathon".

    Don't get me wrong those cops are doing a hard, dangerous job, in which I appreciate what they are doing.... In this case though most of the public will see the infringement of rights as in the greater good of getting the "real bad guy".

    As you said damn good thing he hasn't tried to hide in my home.... they would be picking up the body for sure.

    Just my 2 cents which is probably worth less than that

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lash View Post
    "public will see the infringement of rights as in the greater good"
    That's always been my issue...........When does my Rights take second seat to "The greater Good of Society"? The Bill of Rights is supposed to guarantee that never happens.
    I hear what your saying, understand your premise. Don't agree in the "GREATER GOOD". The individual NOT the masses are supposed to be guaranteed rights. That's what make us different from most other countries.
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    No warrant no entry, period. As noted if he were to try and enter my home the police could send a body car and pick this slime ball up.

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    The highly educated police administrator that made the decision to"search every house from _____street to ____avenue." But sir we don't have enough men for that. Call in all the off duty, all leaves and comp days are cancelled.
    I heard the press conference and they are asking the residents. (with a team of cops in SWAT gear)
    What a waste of time and manpower. Good God.
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