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Thread: How do you protect yourself on a cruise?

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    @ icemanii Not making a dig at bikers or any other group since I also fit the stereotype; bearded, tattooed, long hair, earring and rode a Harley I built for eighteen years. My point was that, being inexpensive, lower economic groups can afford Carnival-that's why I chose them for our vacation. Spend more & you'll be traveling with more professionals, fewer blue collar folks it that makes you feel better. The only trouble I've ever seen was drunk frat boys. I don't think violence afloat is escalating, but there are three thousand passengers on board-they can't all be choir boys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcreek View Post
    Ok, having never been on a cruise this is all speculation but I highly doubt what you claim would actually happen. Yes, if someone saw you on camera, etc. they would come talk to you and you would get in some trouble. But I don't believe for a second that they would bringing the ship into port and do a room by room search for a missing steak knife. Their customers pay thousands of dollars for a cruise. How many do you think would come back if they did that? Especially if it turned out some teenager was just being stupid, which I guarantee has happened more than once. It's a cruise ship not a maximum security prison. A steak knife doesn't pose enough of a threat on a ship to justify that, like it would an airliner. What's the person going to do hijack the boat and hold over 1000 people hostage with a steak knife?
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    No offense taken, just picking a bit, (Need to find that sarcasm font).

    Only time I saw anyone worry about 'bikers' on a cruise was when the wife convinced me to the the first ever Hogs on the High Seas cruise years ago. Felt bad for the regular passengers, Nothing like 2000 Harley riders on a cruise ship to make things strange!!

    On that cruise I can honestly say security was a bit lax. I know quite a few people made it on with pocket knives and their own booze.

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    Get into good fighting shape before taking that cruise!
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    I hope this copies correctly:

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    Quote Originally Posted by blarg View Post
    I'd protect myself by not going on a Carnival Cruise!

    Carnival is the worst of the worst. If you're lucky you'll get one of the boats that's NOT staffed by Kathy Lee....

    Seriously, they have the highest instance of major food poisoning, mechanical problems, and every other problem of any cruise line. If you go, you obviously don't care enough about your safety to be thinking about bringing weapons. You're practically asking for it.
    My first thought as well. You usually get what you pay for and that is true with Carnival. Not saying you cannot have a good time and many people do, but with all the other lines out there, there are more prudent choices for an overall good time and SAFE time. Think of it this way----if it is pretty much the cheapest (and you can change that to "most value for the money"), it will attract more people who want to score but do not want to put up more upfront money than they have to or can afford to.

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    We have been on a couple of Carnival Cruises and have had a great time on both.
    I will agree, the Line is not the top of the line, but I have also heard a few complaints about other cruise lines as well.
    I think for my family we had a great safe time. Maybe its the luck of the draw, I don't know but we will sail again... Maybe Carnival, Maybe not. It depends on who is going where and how much they want at that point in time. It is all about Dollars and cents for me but my families safety comes before anything else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eht6183 View Post
    Since no weapons are allowed on a Carnival cruise, any suggestions as to what you can do for protection?
    Walking stick/cane. Heavy belt buckle.

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