why the libtards fail to pass gun controls
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Thread: why the libtards fail to pass gun controls

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    why the libtards fail to pass gun controls

    and excellent report by a libtard about how and why the libtards can not get their way on gun control.
    warning to read and view all the video will take a considerable amount of time, it will be worth it!

    http://kontradictions.wordpress.com/201 ... et-better/

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    It really is simple. Gun control or at least what was on the table was a pile of useless crap. Too bad the dems who balked on passing it did it solely on the basis of politics and reelection and not on the basis of plain intelligence. What really bothers me about our system, which right now is broken, is that supposedly smart and successful legislators, who happen to be dems, can just go lockstep like stupid lemmings with everything the garbage in the whitehouse, pelosi, and reid tell them to do, without a hint of making up their own mind on obvious legislation etal designed to destroy this country.

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    that said what should you feel about the 46 senators who voted to pass that absurd bill?

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    Liberals count on emotions and good intentions to push their agenda. Look at the rush to pass new gun laws after Sandy Hook. Had to strike fast before the emotional tsunami wore off. Once the emotion of that tragedy had wore off the public support to do something now was loosing steam. Obama rushed in to surround him self with children and the family members struck by Sandy Hook as a last ditch effort to get what he wanted. It didn't work and boy is he pissed. Now we have the Boston Bomber and our president is telling us we must not rush to judgment. Really, we had to rush to judgment for Sandy Hook but now we must step back and cool our heals. Liberals want it both ways.
    "You can get a lot accomplished if you don't care who gets the credit" - Ronald Reagan

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