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    Feeds Great

    Quote Originally Posted by NotTwoShure View Post
    Not an issue with my Ultra, feeds great all JHP that I have bought or loaded.
    You've never had any issues with a feed or extract with your Ultra? Are you running all stock or have you changed recoil spring or magazines? What magazines do you use? I have an Ultra that I've run all sorts of HP, FMJ of all brands, but it seems to have issues with extraction. I am using the Kimber Tac Mags. The other day I had 3 mags in a row run fine with HP, the first two mags with FMJ had extraction issues. I've probably only run about 500 rounds through it since I've owned it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmithKoWitz View Post
    Yep, those are the same Hogue grips; they're awesome. Here they are on my RIA Tactical.
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    As for Papa Grumpy picking a Kimber full size sounds good to me. I've heard the Ultra size (3" barrel) Kimber's sometimes have feed issues. I had a RaptorII Pro (4" barrel) and never had an issue with it. I like Kimber, Smith &Wesson, Springfield Armory . . and Rock Island.
    Yours and mine are the same while Ringo's are I think an older model. And yes, I plan on them for my RIA also.
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    I like the SS because its easy to clean.

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