This is slightly off-topic, but not far off. When I was working in the jail substation in Casa Grande, AZ, a DPS officer brought in three illegals a couple of hours before I came on duty. Part of my job was inventorying the inmate accounts and property locker. In the plastic bags for the three illegals were three cheap .38 spl snubbies, with sequential serial numbers. In the wallets of the three, which held no other paperwork or ID, each one had a receipt from a pawn shop for one of hte three guns. Knowing that law prohibits selling to anyone not a citizen of the state, I called one of the detectives and filled him in on my discovery. Within a half hour, he showed up at the jail with an ATF agent in tow. They confiscated the pistols and left. That was the last I heard officially, but I did hear later that the ATF shut down the pawn shop for many illegal gun sales. I never did figure out why the arresting officer and the jail officer on the previous shift both missed the implications of illegal aliens buying guns with no ID, no proof of citizenship, and without the waiting period.