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    Quote Originally Posted by S&WM&P40 View Post
    HK but can you keep it loaded in your truck or car in TX?

    I am pretty sure you can but if someone else from Texas has some different info perhaps they will help us out here.
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    Consult a lawyer and the law...not the web. I don't think it sounds legit, but who knows.

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    We have yet to answer the original question of the thread, which was whether doing this was legal or not. Whether or not it's a good idea is another subject; legal is legal whether it's a good idea, and the question has not yet been answered.

  5. I see you are in Memphis. In Tennessee, for some stupid reason, it is NOT legal to carry around a loaded long gun. Not on your person or in your vehicle. Makes no sense at all, but "dem's da rules".

    Robert in the hills of Tennessee

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    +1 on what everyone has said on here. Keep the weapon out of site.....CC! From what you said, your in a small community? Why not start a "neighborhood watch"?
    On another note, I wouldn't carry it in my vehicle either. It just gives the impression that you were looking for trouble. I know You're not, but try explaining it to the judge.
    (All the above are MY opinions/suggestions ONLY....AND, I like to bust ball's, it's called having a sense of humor. In other words, no intent to offend anyone, so get over it)

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    Definately not, stick with the handguns.

  8. Based on the statute quoted, it would clearly be illegal for you to carry your carbine whether or not it is "pistol caliber" or mechanically based on a pistol.

    You would probably also be creating a public nuisance and possibly a PR firestorm for your community.

    In addition there is the issue of your personal safety, which IMO is severely compromised by toting a long gun on your community walk-abouts.

    There is a tremendous advantage to CCW. Use it!

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    If I was going to do a neighborhood watch program I'd carry a full sized firearm preferably one with a double stack mag. Something like an XD 45 standard under a loose open shirt or jacket, depending on the weather. While not a carbine, a full sized firearm will be more accurate and intimindating than a compact carry firearm. Oh...also a bunch of extra mags! ;)
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    +1 Red Hat hit it on the head. Like sambo said why not start a neighborhood watch group made up of CC people so you could have a armed watch group. I know Here in NH in Manchester NH, they started CC carry clean up events they have people with CC permits as well as people who carry in the open. They all come with there firearms and pick up the trash on the streets and parks. As a way to meet other CC people in the neighborhood as well to show people that not all people with firearms are bad guys. They have had i think 3 events now.


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    It makes you sound like some kind of nut to be honest.
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