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Thread: ammo, ammo, and more ammo!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koolbota View Post

    Enjoy ladies.
    Can you stop using the term "ladies", it's sexist and offensive. It implies things about me and my character that are not true and I find offensive.
    ...SCOTUS says we're right...You don't like it. I'm sorry you don't like it. I guess that's a problem for you. Some people don't like gays. Some don't like alcohol. Some don't like meat. ~michaelzwilliamson

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    In my part of Texas, it is still hit and miss. I can get all the shotgun shells I need, but .40, .45, 9mm, and .223 are still hard to come by. I did luck into a shipment at WallyWorld and managed to pick up 100 9mm, 100 .45 and 20 .223 (they had just received 1,000 rds .223). They still limit to 3 boxes total, so unfortunately could not get more .223.
    Decided to get the 9 and 45 since those are the 2 I have the lowest quantity of, and, since they were 100rd boxes, allowed me more purchase power than 3 of 20 .223.

    I have seen 9mm start to trickle in online at Cabelas, Palmetto State, and Natchez Shooter Supply (thanks to UPS, about 200rds of 9mm and 5 AR mags disappeared for a week). Like Courtney said, screw Cheaper. When the SHTF, they jacked all their prices up to take advantage of the situation, and I don't care what they have in stock, I am not buying it.

    I still pick up ammo when I see a good deal in stock, but I think I have enough to help a few zombies rest in pieces.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Telli97 View Post
    Here in IL, there is no ammo. I live in the western suburbs of dupage county and every walmart, gander, bass pro, etc is cleaned out of fmj ammo. I haven't been to the range in awhile because I am afraid I may not get to replenish my supply. Last time I picked up 45acp, four months ago, same for 9mm and 40sw. Something more than a shortage is going on....
    Just like you i just quit shooting my 45 9m and 40 just don't wish to shoot what small amount i have with none to be found to replace it. I did find some 12ga slugs online and plan on shooting my Rem 870 shotgun next time i get to my outdoor range.

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    People are getting stuff in here, and pretty much everything is findable. I think the limits that the stores are putting on people are helping. .22LR is still very hard to find. I found some at Academy a couple of days ago. You have to get there when they first open to get it. I go there at 8am after I drop my son off at school on the days that I have time. There is always 8 or 10 people out there, and has been for months. It seems like there is more and more on the shelf as time goes on though. Except .22

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    Here in northern Iowa there is very little ammo available other than shotgun shells. There is some .223, .45 acp and.270, but forget 9mm, 30-30, .22, and .40. The major internet stores have about the same availability as of 2 days ago.

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    ammo, ammo, and more ammo!!

    Yeah, shotgun shells galore! I bought a 20count box of the Aguila mini shells, some more 00 buck and some number 6 shot.
    The mini shells are quite nifty! My shotgun has a five plus one capacity. With the mini shells it becomes a ten round capacity!
    I watched some guys shooting them at melons and stuff and they did a hell of a job at making a mess of their targets.
    I think I should just keep adding to my shotgun stock pile.
    I keep forgetting just how powerful that 12 gauge can be!

  8. If all dealers had behaved like cheaper than dirt we would no longer be in a shortage. But many were shamed into keeping prices stable (by many in this forum). Everyone screams GOUGER.

    If the natural laws of supply and demand had been allowed to work their would have been a large spike in prices across the board by dealers. This would have removed the incentive for profiteers to constantly wipe supplies of the stores not "gouging" and selling at the true market price. With all the dealers having high prices the panic buying would have subsided. Then prices would have come back down although probably a little higher due to the ongoing political climate.

    And equilibrium.

    You see when supply and demand are not in equilibrium there must be shortages.

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    We will be getting in some Federal XM173 next week. First of it that we've seen in about 6 months. And it will be cheaper than the Tula .223 stuff we have been selling. Maybe Federal/ATK is catching up on their gov't contracts. But it still will cost us what we used to be able to by the XM173 at retail.
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  10. You are correct I did not put the FMJ on there...sorry.

    I bought 500 rounds of Federal 9mm FMJ for target at $17.99 per 50 count box.

    A co-worker that lives in North Carolina traveled on up and bought 500 rounds of each .380, .40, .45 ; they were all Federal FMJ. His total cost was just below $600.

    I currently am sitting at 300 HP and roughly 2000 FMJ (between 9mm and .45acp)

    Co-worker is sitting at 11,000 FMJ and 250 HP.

    The ammo is most certainly here at the Beach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beachbum17 View Post
    Not a shortage more of a hordage. People are hoarding and will buy any round that hits shelves. If anything more ammo is being made then pervious years, just more people buying it and larger quantities

    Dot get me wrong I had plenty on hand in anticipation for something like this, but its annoying to not be able to shoot as often as I usually go
    Watch out, I pointed this out and a lot of people don't like to accept it. Ammo doesn't just dry up and create a shortage. Ammo gets bought by people who are scared and stockpiled in their closets until they have thousands of rounds and no more is left on the store shelf.

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