DHS to buy less ammo
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Thread: DHS to buy less ammo

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    DHS to buy less ammo

    Sequestration is forcing the DHS to cut back on its ammo purchases. Maybe more will make it out to civilians?

    One can only hope.

    Several top officials are slated to tell the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on Thursday that the department saves money by signing big long-term contracts, but will also say the purchases could be curtailed given belt-tightening.
    Sequester, tight budgets means DHS buying less ammunition - Washington Times

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    Considering the amount of ammo that they have already bought I would expect a slow down, they have enough ammo now to fight a civil war!

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    The sequester is a complete scam. It has nothing to do with current budgets. It limits future budgets to a 6% growth instead of an 8% growth. All of this is meant to punish tax payers and force them to except higher taxes. It's good that DHS is using that excuse to cut back on ammo purchases.
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    Especially the FAA Scam. THEIR budget is actually BIGGER than last year. And besides, the budget "cuts" were not cuts, but REDUCTIONS in future spending. Politics, pure and simple. Just playing on the emotions of the ignorant.
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    The "so-called" sequester cuts and furloughs are obummer having a fit of temper because he did not get his way. He would go out of his mind if the media EVER treated him like they treated Bush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I'd be willing to bet that all the "cuts" don't even amount to the waste in each agency.
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    "DHS To buy less ammo"...

    Great! Now how about they give some of that friggin surplus back!!!

    Or do we have to go and take it from them...

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