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    Sig p938

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    Bought a Sig p938 from my LGS a couple of weeks ago as my new summer weight "1911". Got it at $600 with 2 mags, a laser, in two tone, with rubber grips. I'm super pumped about it. I've had my eye on them for a while, and i couldn't pass up the deal. The rubber grips are a bit wider and fit my big mitts a little better than the checkered wood ones do. I haven't been able to shoot it yet (can't find cheap 9mm, probably going this weekend), but i got a great DM Bullard dual carry holster for it which fits like a glove, and carries a hell of a lot easier than my officer's 1911. This is a real easy t-shirt and jeans IWB carry. I just had to share...I'll post a follow up once I hit some paper.

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    Wow what a deal !!! I love my 938SAS !!

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    Great deal.....I've been looking at the P938 myself, I like the 1911 format. I definately haven't seen any deals like the one you got though. I would be interested in seeing your opinions when you get to shoot it and how it does with various ammo and grain sizes. I CC'd a 1911 just about all winter and now the spring is upon us it's much harder to conceal, brought the G26 out, it shoots and carries nicely, I love it, but I have found the past few days when holstering (IWB) I have hesitated slightly, making sure my shirt and anything else is not in the way of the trigger, guessing that I just got used to the cocked and locked of the 1911. Good luck on the ammo search, Happy shooting.

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