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  1. Ordered hogue wraparound grips a couple days ago. Should be here friday. Pretty excited to get them on. I've been pretty partial to finger groove style grips

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    My 1911 is Loved and earmarked to go to my youngest son when he turns 21... In 10 years... Then I'll be looking for a new 1911. Until then I think I'm good.
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  4. Wraparound grips came yesterday. A world of difference as far as feel goes
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    Careful Tranktn.....them 1911's are ADDICTIVE!

    Bought my first just a few weeks ago. Found a Sig P238 .380 lingering a trading post display...didn't even realize the place sold guns. Bought it for its size then realized its a 1911 of sorts - not so bad.

    Then I'm out on the Navajo rez and find a small gun shop and he's got a Springfield Micro Compact that's languished in his safe for ten years. My first .45 its a wonderful how it two weeks later I'm back out on the rez at this guys place and this time I come home with a Colt Combat Commander....

    Pure addiction...use caution.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tranktn View Post
    Wraparound grips came yesterday. A world of difference as far as feel goes
    I have a 92FS Inox with wrap around grips. VERY comfortable.

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