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    Look up Miguel Caballero. It's a Columbian company that's makes high end bullet-resistant clothing and accessories. Kevlar lined leather jackets and stuff like that. Several celebrities wear their stuff. There are several videos of them testing their clothing on their own employees. I think they actually require it as a condition of employment to instill confidence in the product.
    Ok, I'm a little confused about something though. Why do all these guys testing actual bullet proof jackets have these massive ass welts from where they got shot, then Miguel Caballero makes these little lightweight jackets and he shoots people and they barely even feel anything?
    Couldn't really tell ya. Not one of their guys. One of the things I would think would help is the fact that most of his stuff is loose fitting. More airspace to absorb energy and disperse force. Police issue stuff is all super tight fitting giving it a higher likely hood of penetrating and also transmitting all that blunt force straight into you.

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