Product Review: Duracoat Shake-N-Spray: A DIY firearm finish
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Thread: Product Review: Duracoat Shake-N-Spray: A DIY firearm finish

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    Product Review: Duracoat Shake-N-Spray: A DIY firearm finish

    To some it may seem that the traditional “black” rifle is becoming more and more a thing of the past. When you walk into your local gun shop, you will see guns of all sorts of amazing colors from hot pink to zombie green. This new trend owes its existence, in part, to a revolutionary product called Duracoat.

    Duracoat is a spray-on finish designed to provide a protective coating when applied to your favorite gun. It applies directly to the metal surfaces of the firearm and is generally maintenance-free, ensuring that it will never rust. It can also be applied to polymer parts as well, producing a completely unified color if desired. With it, you can have a lime-green Glock, a candy-apple red Ruger or a baby blue Beretta. You can even get it in multiple colors and apply a proper camouflage exterior to your hunting rifle. Your options are only bound by your own imagination.

    I must admit that I am a complete do-it-yourself kind of guy. I must also admit that sometimes the projects I take on are way over my head. That being said, when I learned that Duracoat started selling their new Shake-N-Spray kits, I was both excited and nervous. I knew that I wanted to try to give a few of my firearms a new finish, but I was also scared that I might do irreparable harm to my beloved collection. Thankfully, I already had a gun that I had a damaged finish, so there was not much more I could do to make it worse. So I figured I had nothing to lose by trying my hand at a home refinishing job.

    Read the rest of this article here.
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    He should have added the link..
    Here is the link with pictures

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    Here's your Duracoat Picture

    Product Review: Duracoat Shake-N-Spray: A DIY firearm finish-r.i.-new-grips-1.jpgProduct Review: Duracoat Shake-N-Spray: A DIY firearm finish-r.i.-new-grips-2.jpgOlive Drab, and Desert Tan with Diamondback Rattlesnake Grips

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    Do you have to mask off the grooves where the slide and frame meet to keep a build up of spray from getting into them? Same with firing pin hole, and other places that could get filled in by spray. How thick is the finished product on the surface?

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