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    Quote Originally Posted by buckey01 View Post

    It isn't just the government but the attitude of the people that is the problem in NJ.
    what you say cannot be disputed.

    in a perfect world the government reflects the will of the people, and the people in NJ have been conditioned by the liberals in the media and government to be hateful of any firearms. the people there think their food comes from the piggly wiggly on the corner and not farmed fished for or breed and grown and then slaughtered, or even hunted for.

    unfortunately as people are so poorly educated by that government the government is veering away from being reflective of the people and becoming more like tyrannical overseers and this is what many people are resisting

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    There is a lot of difference in the out look on life in general from one state to another. If the majority of people in NJ want to live and be gun free more power to them. I wouldn't want to life like that and if I lived there, God forbid, I would move. People who live in liberal states, who aren't liberals, should move to states that aren't. Maybe we could have Obamanator borrow more money and fund the movement of gun and Freedom loving people to move to gun and Freedom loving states. Let the liberal's have the state and Gun and Freedom lovers move to better climates.
    The gun haters and criminals can have NJ!
    ~Responsible people who understand that their personal protection is up to them, provide themselves with protection. Those that don't have only themselves to blame.~Proud NRA ~SAF~GoA Member~

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    Quote Originally Posted by apvbguy View Post
    apparently, their thinking is kind of crazy! they have some of the most densely populated places in the US and they won't let people use HP rounds! in their minds HP rounds are "dum-dum" bullets designed to kill cops, quite absurd but well entrenched! I had access to some very well placed people in my time and the gun issue was one that could not be fixed. Like I said, NJ is a lost cause.
    It appears the only dum-dum's are politicians.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightmare45 View Post
    It appears the only dum-dum's are politicians.
    like others have noted, those politicians are elected to office and supposedly reflect the views of their constituents

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    Quote Originally Posted by apvbguy View Post
    it appears to me that you are from way north of I 10, keep in mind I 95 has north bound lanes as well as the s/b ones
    Actually, I'm from New Orleans - so everything north of I-10 borders on being a "damn yankee! Anyway, being in the USCG I have lived all over the country (VA, TX, NJ, CA, NY, FL, GA & SC) and the wife is from OH. I have spent time in almost 40 of our states, including AK, and I am not basing my opinion on just generalizations or suppositions.

    I was however making a joke, which some of you got. WRT Hockey I was speaking of my time in FL, because all sports fans know that New Orleans has nothing but football. Yeah, they have some NBA team now but we tried that before. Ever wonder how UTAH ended up with a team named after Jazz? We'll probably get rid of the present team at some point. WHODAT!

    Oh, the Northbound lanes on 95 are for the retiree's to visit their grandchildren

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    Firearm owners in NJ and NY are sure taking some heavy hits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warrior1256 View Post
    Firearm owners in NJ and NY are sure taking some heavy hits.
    they have allowed the trampling of their rights for decades, why would things change now?
    over 30 years ago it took almost a year for me to secure a NYC pistol permit, is that an infringement of my rights? the people up there don't think so. Here in FLA it took 9 business days to secure a concealed carry permit. I was ok with that after my NE conditioning however there are some who believe that the state requiring a permit is an infringement of our rights.

    If it was a simple thing it would have been settled a long time ago.

  9. I live in jersey :( anybody want to house me the wife and two kids? Lol

  10. This is no shock to me as it's going to keep happening a lot. And it's not just going to be in the north east, many small cities all across the USA are starting to look at how they can use their city laws to control firearm and Ammo. sales. The anti-firearm bunch got a perfict storm, with the major shootings and Obama getting another four years.

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    now the fat rino is working on a ban of the video game call to duty, he thinks it is too violent

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