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Thread: Gander Mountain In Grandville Mi. Claims largest gun store in the state!!

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    Was exited to hear of this new and improved Gander Mtn. in Grandville until me and my father went there. Both of us open carrying our sidearms we were stopped just past the entrance by a very rude employee who quite loudly yelled at us for bringing handGUNs into what is now claiming to be the largest GUN store in Mi. Open carry is legal in Michigan and we were scolded like we were two gun toting psycho's. My father is a retired sheriffs deputy and i am a legal cpl holder also. I explained to the lady that not allowing open carry into the states largest GUN store seemed a bit contradictory but she insisted we return our guns to our vehicles or carry them concealed. I reminded her that every other gun store in this area including our new Cabela's is proud to promote open carry, as it should be. She advised that maybe we should shop there then, so we did. Not going to be shopping at Gander Mtn. anymore.
    I believe her rudeness was inexcusable and that she should have politely asked that you check in your guns and explain that concealed was the acceptable way in there store as the sign inadequately tried to imply. For over 200 years, many stores, but mainly taverns have had a "check your guns in at the door" policy that was respected and accepted, but sometimes a rude cowboy would try to defy their authority and maybe get escorted out with a double barrel shotgun in their face. Maybe a better way to deal with your situation might have been to put your guns in your vehicle and then go back and ask to see the store manager and complain about her rudeness. If she was a new employee, she could have been taught by the manager how to treat their customers. If she WAS the manager, then she would have permanently lost some customers. Just my opinion.

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    Bought a Marlin MOD 60 .22 LR at Gander a few weeks ago in Concord, NC. You would not believe the B.S. they put me through and the paperwork I HAD to sign to purchase this rifle. Upon request of ID I also presented my CWP to "help expedite" the process. It literally took us an hour to fill all the paperwork out to include hold harmless document along with a promise to obey ALL gun safety and handling rules. I told the "Manager" I didn't have this much paperwork to fill out when I bought my last grenade launcher or pack of claymores. We all laughed and the arduous process continued. I did CC in the store as no sign posted I could not. They did have the check in sign but it doesn't apply to licensed holders as stated on the statement. WILL NOT be back. Total let down on the customer relationship and attitude.
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  4. All they want at Jays is to make sure that it is unloaded, they tag it and off you go, WITH your gun. You never leave your gun ANYWHERE!

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