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    Quote Originally Posted by Lakeland Bob View Post
    Go to, there are 4 Kimbers on there and one is a new one offered by a FFL. They all have a track record and you can feel safer working thru them.

    I buy on Armslist but I am finding so many scammers on there now that I will only do a FTF transaction.

    There's a guy on there now,Robin Cruz, that actually has 10 guns that he is using for phishing. I have tried to buy FTF and keep getting some garbled English automated responses asking for my FFL information so he can arrange for me to send him the shipping money.

    Just saying.
    I was wondering why stick with Armslist if he's going interstate anyway myself. I only use them for in-state, FTF too. You can set search criteria to dealers-only and then go interstate fairly safely, but GB's selection is vastly better than AL's anyway, so if I'm willing to buy interstate, I use GB. Their Feedback system is familiar (basically the same as eBay), and it's meaningful when you're buying from a dealer with a hundred or more transactions and a high positive rating.

    Is there any reason you don't want to go with Gunbroker jcreek?

    I've just never used an auction style site before. Not familiar with it. Armslist seems more like craigslist which I've used a lot before albeit always FTF. Judging by the confirmation I've got from Lakeland Bob though ill probably never use for interstate again though.

  3. Makes me feel good that I was able to stop you from dealing with Robin Cruz. You should have received an e-mail from Armslist informing you of his scamming. If not, you will.

    If the site you use (gunauction, gunsofamaerican, gunbroker), has a "buy it now" feature then you don't have to get into an auction situation. Just don't pay more that it's worth.

    I have also used "" and completed the transaction FTF, as you can specify sales by state as with AM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcreek View Post
    Lol you wouldn't sell to some requiring a shipping FFL? Why? And why do say $100+? My FFL charges $15 for transfer $15-$20 shipping? Even paying for the other FFL fee which I expected to have to do it doesn't add up to $100. All of your posts seem like but flame. Somebody like you would be the last person I would blindly send a check to in the mail.
    I wouldn't take anything that koolaid said as even a half truth. blues gave great advice, that's the route you should go.

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