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    Parents Like This

    Parents like this do not help our cause. The comments at the bottom pretty much agree.
    5-year-old Kentucky boy fatally shoots 2-year-old sister -

  3. Very tragic situation, but I put the blame on his parents. I have no problem with getting him the gun. My girls did too. But 1) Why was he allowed access without parental supervision? 2) Why was it (obviously) loaded? This young boy will have to live with this for the rest of his life but it could have been avoided.

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    So many MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR mistakes
    1) Child pointing firearm at something they didn't want to destory
    2) Finger on trigger
    3) Firearm READILY accessible to child (out of reach would've taken more time for them to get at if the article is to be believed).
    4) Firearm either already loaded, or ammo readily accessible (odds are the with the former)

    ALL 4 of these conditions had to be met at the same time for this tragedy to occur. If any 1 of them had not been met, it would've been averted.

    Most 5 year old children (IMO), with the proper training, are fully capable of safely handling a firearm and undestanding the difference between a toy and the real thing, thus satisfying #1 and #2 (I know, there's more). I can't say with absolute certainty whether the parents provided this training, but I'm about 95% confident that they did NOT. My daughter started shooting our .22 rifle at the ripe young age of 3. My kids (now 4, 6 and 7) can handle my firearms any time they want....provided they ask first. The firearm is unloaded, ammo in a different room, and they are supervised 100% of the further than arms length away. They MUST verify the firearm is unloaded as soon as I hand it to them, and they are not allowed to point anywhere but at the floor while in that state.

    There's no excuse for violating #3 and #4 - that was fully within the control of the parents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by webbch View Post
    with the proper training
    I think we can probably rule that out.

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    Most likely. I guess I could even see the case where a stray .22 round is found by the child buried in the carpet that is subsequently loaded into the rifle, but that goes back to the stupidity of having the rifle readily accessible to the child...and the child failing to follow basic firearm safety.

  7. Parents Like This

    Yeah I have pistols stashed in all kinds of easily accessible (but hidden) places. But it's just me and no kids also. The day I have kids, that all changes big time. There will be only one gun that will be accessible without a combination.

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    This was no accident. This was negligence on the part of the parents.

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    I have no problem with introducing children to firearm use at an early age but for heaven's sake keep it unloaded and away from the child until an adult is around to supervise him / her in a proper setting.

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    Gross culpable negligence, not an accident. Regardless, Peggy is correct. This type of incident gives the "guns are dangerous" crowd more political ammunition.

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    Breeders are not parents. Want to bet that they kids probably have traces of the toxins produced when mommy and daddy cook their crack.
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