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    Charles, thanks for posting Jim's article, was a good read. Reality is NOT for the sqimish or weak at heart.
    I'd rather be a Conservative Nutjob. Than a Liberal with NO Nuts & NO Job

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    A lethal option for your home defense plan is manditory. The goal of the other measures you take for your home defense should be to avoid using your lethal option. Your home defense system already failed if someone who is unwelcomed is inside your home. It's not always to the fault of the homeowner either. Some criminals are technologicaly proficient and can defeat an alarm. Some are stealthy and can enter your home unnoticed. Some are not so tactful and just bust in through your door with brute force. Some may work in teams to overwhelm the victims. It's just as important to devise a system to keep criminals from entering in the first place as well as have a plan to execute if they are inside your home. Fence, strategically placed landscaping, flood lights with motion sensors, dog, deadbolts, reinforced door frames, alarm, firearms are some examples of what to consider in your total home defense system.

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