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Thread: Disney World Concealed Carry

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrjam2jab View Post
    I'm willing to bet...with the way Disney works...that you're not supposed to "see" the plain clothes security. They probably blend right in so that even if you are looking for them you wont see them.
    No matter where you are if you "see" plain clothes security, then they are not doing a very good job now are they?

    Having about 20 years experience with Disney now, I can tell you they are very good at what they do.

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    I didn't have my CWP last time I went (was quite a while ago...) but do now, and will be carrying next time I go - the "security" checks bags, fanny packs, purses etc... Carry on your person, and you should be good to go. (Ruger LCP should be good to go in a pocket holster for sure!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by bbarton713 View Post
    I'm not sure what it is like where you live but our mall never comes close to being anywhere near as crowded as it is in any of the Disney World parks.

    All I'm saying is that my ability to defend myself doesn't end when I put down my handgun.
    Perhaps, but if the attack is with a gun, your only practical defense is with a gun. And of course most people are not trained or physically capable to defend themselves against one thug (much less multiple thugs) with their bare hands. And yeah, at times our malls (in Kalifornia) are as crowded as Disneyland (more so at Christmas).

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  5. Update Requested

    Hey all,

    Found this very interesting and informative thread and decided to create a USACarry forum account. I'm curious if anyone has been to happiest place on earth since Feb of this year. Is everything the same? Still cursory bag checks (inspecting mostly for outside food/drink) and no metal detectors and pat downs? Anyone been there in July/Aug/Sept?


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    I've been recently and all aspects of security are pretty much the same as years past. Just beware of any clips showing e.g. Knife or holster clips. They have really good plain clothes guys that will notice and may result in being ejected from park. If you are staying on Disney property you should be allowed to return to your room to lock up said weapons-in my case the knife was inspected and I was asked just to keep it in my pocket

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    I wouldn't worry about it. That little rodent will squeeze your last cent out of you before you leave. I DO know, the security there is unbelievable. You are under surveillance most of the time. I have seen people bagged for everything from shop lifting, to using fake ID for liquor, to passing counterfeit money there and at Universal. I wouldn't want the responsibility of carrying there. But that's just me. I picked up a seed pod from an orchid tree there once that had fallen off and laid on the sidewalk. They took it away from me. How the heck they even knew I picked it up is a mystery. You're safe there!
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    If those places were owned by American corporations (like Disney) and produced the same income I have no doubt they would be.
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    Nice place to go but I have not been since they started having "gay pride" weeks. If they value their money more than mine then let them support it.

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    Cool BTDT several times.....

    they will search any bag, backpack, or belly bag you have on you, however if you just keep holstered under the shirt and only carry a camera (no camera bag) you get to walk in while they go though your wifes purse... and Universal is the same way......
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