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    Quote Originally Posted by Warbirds View Post
    1. Poop at home.
    2. Gym? What is that?
    A place guys go and pretend to do cardio workouts while watching the women in the aerobics room.

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    If the seats are really that tight, maybe you need to lose some weight.
    Seriously, though. You could consider a cross-draw holster for driving.
    As to being armed at home; always. Believe it or not, that's where most home invasions happen.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Warbirds View Post
    1. Poop at home.
    2. Gym? What is that?
    Same here! Although I always use a stall to #1; Loosen belt, unbuckle, unsnap, unzip, and hold everything up very carefully. I've not had a desire to use the fly method since the horrible zipper accident in junior high. I always water the plants in a stall, never use urinals. This gives me a chance to always tuck-in my T-shirt better too. Nothing leaves the holster for any reason. I have to spread my legs while tucking the T-shirt so everything doesn't hit the deck. Use what works for you!

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    It's 8:36 PM in a quiet, middle income neighborhood in Las Vegas. I'm sitting by the pool in a very private, locked back yard. The G26 I put IWB when I dressed this morning at 4:15 AM is still quietly sitting on my hip and will stay there until I take off my clothes to go to bed. Daily errands and four hours at the poker table made up my day...all the time armed. My point is that I've carried so long (30+ years) that a firearm is part of my dress. I suggest it should be yours as well.

    Regarding the "friends" house, I never mention it. Besides, most of my friends know I carry anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TMcArthur View Post
    I have been carrying off and on both OC and CC for three years now (Colorado baby!). About a year ago I changed my off-n-on habit to carry ALL waking hours, no matter the extra work required to do so. I figure there is no use having a handgun if it is not on your belt, right? Since then I have been running into some snags in my plan. I know these may sound like silly questions, but what do you guys do with your carry-gun when...

    - I once took my gun off my belt to drop my drawers to use the toilet. I finished my business and promptly forgot my gun when I left the stall! (I know right! ). I was lucky that no one else came into the restroom after so I was able to retrieve it without anyone else knowing. So, now I leave it holstered and on my belt no matter what. But, what do you guys do with your gun when going #2 in a public restroom?

    - I workout at my local gym 5 days a week. I wear shorts that will not hold the weight of my full-size M&P so it stays in a locker (locked of course). I do not like leaving it there, but I feel it is safer in a locker then in my car outside. Mainly I feel completely exposed though. What do you guys do with your gun when you workout at a gym?

    - I drive two different vehicles. One is a large van, easy to carry while driving. The other is a very small sports car with wrap-around seats and seating posture that make it very difficult to have something on my belt. Even a cell-phone is uncomfortable, let alone a full-size pistol.

    - What about when you get home? Do you let your guard down and un-holster once you are in your own home?

    - Lastly, when I enter a friend's house that I have not yet asked his permission to carry in his house, I leave my gun locked in the car. We are talking about another person's house with wife and kids in play. Am I being too nice here? Should I announce it before entering his residence if I am carrying?

    Thanks, and feel free to have some fun with the discussion, but please do not beat me up too badly for my bathroom mistake. I already have.
    1. Loosen your belt but don't take it off. Keep pressure on the belt with your upper legs/knees. This should help stabilize the firearm.

    2. Get a disc lock and lock your firearm in the locker. If that's not possible find a new gym it is possible. I train crossfit, my trainer is a former narcotics officer, he keeps my firearm in a safe place, and makes sure his clients are safe during the workout. Couldn't ask for much more.

    3. Don't carry? Get a bigger sports car?

    4. I carry at home.

    5. I open carry, all my friends know when I carry in their home. They carry too.
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by TMcArthur View Post
    1 what do you guys do with your gun when going #2 in a public restroom?

    2 What do you guys do with your gun when you workout at a gym?

    3 very small sports car with wrap-around seats.

    4 What about when you get home?

    5 Should I announce it before entering his residence if I am carrying?
    1 The "In the pants" idea is good, but it's not what I do. I have a White Hat IWB hybrid holster (Similar to Crossbreed). I pull my pants down to knee-level and spread my knees to apply tension. Keeps the holder above the "lookable" level of the stall, as well as putting it in a readily accessable position should someone attempt to catch me "with my pants down".

    2 Umm, I don't use a gym, life is taxing enough, however, I'd suggest looking into the belly-band holster that Rob Pincus and Crossbreed collaborated on. Here's a link I.C.E. Modular Belly Band Holster from Crossbreed

    3 Get a cross-draw holster for the car or find a place you can mount a holster in the vehicle where you'd have quick access. Do a search for car holster, you'd be surprised at what you'll find.

    4 My pistol lives in my nightstand while I sleep. When I get up the pants go on and the pistol goes in the holster. Doesn't come out until I'm ready to take the pants off that evening.

    5 Safest place for it to be when around kids (be it your home or theirs) is on your hip and out of sight. Some say, "forgiveness is easier to come by than permission," but I'm more curious about why you haven't asked them? Are they anti-gun? Do you think they'd consider you reckless or of poor judgement? Actually, never mind. I don't want to know. Here are your four options: 1) Ask them and abide by their decision (what ever that happens to be). 2) Be disrespectful and carry with them none the wiser (hopefully). 3) Resign yourself to being unarmed while in their home (and less capable of protecting yourself and them should a home invasion happen). 4) Refuse to visit them at home (a viable option if you ask permission and the answer is no). Good luck

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    You have too many questions as to what you should be doing with your gun. A firearm is a huge responsibility. If you cannot think ahead as to what you should/should not be doing with your firearm, then you shouldn't be carrying it.

    Seriously, you asked what you should do when you defecate? Whether you should lock it in a locker or in your car? You are a grown person... figure those out on your own.

    You need to look around at your surroundings, judge your surroundings, and make adjustments about your surroundings.

    One thing I will say, NEVER leave your firearm unattended in a public bathroom. Really, you left it in the stall????

    Sportscar? really? Put it in the glove box if it's uncomfortable. Home? really? Do what you like, it's your home.

    You wonder why one poster says this smacks of a troll. If you are really serious, then I would strongly suggest you really think about these different scenarios and plan ahead.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigcarlover View Post
    1) I can't help you on the public rest room. I try to avoid using them.

    2) Too many people I know have had stuff stolen out of locked lockers. I'd rather leave it locked in the glove compartment of a locked car with the alarm on, then leave it in a locker.

    3) Send me the sports car and I'll investigate a solution. Might take a few years.

    4) Should probably carry in the house, but don't. Doors stay locked when I'm home. If someone started on the door I'd be armed within a few seconds.

    5) In my state, we're considered vampires. You have to ask permission to enter. But if that wasn't the case I'd probably go by the don't ask, don't tell. Check your laws. And make sure they're not wearing crucifixes or garlic around their neck.
    Best possible answers to the all of the original questions imvho.
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    The only thing I could add would be the use of the Safepacker holster for your sportscar. It is designed for hiking while carrying concealed and will attach to most any type of belt. It attaches to the seat belt and would stay off of your body while driving. I do not have one but have wanted to try this method.

  11. @ Wolf_fire

    Actually, I did not ask what I should be doing in ANY of the scenarios. I asked, "what do you do..." (read the title of the thread). I am quite comfortable in my own solutions to all the scenarios. I thought this was a FORUM where people DISCUSS topics. From the others who posted I got some new ideas, and maybe someone else did as well? Is it possible that this thread has educated someone else that did have legitimate questions? Aren't we all suppose to be on th same side here? Why are you trying to make an enemy out of me? Wake on the other side of the bed tomorrow, I will hold judgement on you until then.

    Again, thank you to everyone else who replied as an adult.

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