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  1. Yeah that 7.62 nagant is an odd duck but it works, last I checked J&G sales still has em for 99 bucks in VG condition. My other weird (Or at least not as popular) caliber is 357 Sig. Oh and 8x53r for a Hungarian Mannlicher Rifle

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    I don't really have anything unusual... I had a CZ 52 chambered in 7.62x25 Tok but that went bye-bye in a trade for a new motorcycle. I got a classic by the way, 1986 Honda VT500C Shadow... clean w/ 14,500+ miles... ahthankyou.

    I have an M1 Carbine... .30 Carbine isn't really that uncommon but can be an oddball at times.

    I have an AK-74, which is of course 5.45x39mm...

    Does .22 short or .303 count?
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    I also have an 1879 Argentine Remington Rolling Block in .43 Spanish. I have dies for it and can still get brass and bullets so I can still shoot it.

    I also have a revolver that shoots a .44 Webley round. Not .455 Webley.
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    I'm told the .38-55 still has a following in places like the Maine woods, in deer season.
    I think it was the original caliber for the Model 1894.
    I seem to recall there are three rounds, large/medium/small, that have almost the same trajectories.
    The .45-70 is the big one, .38-55 the middle one, and .32-40 the small one.
    You've got quite a good knowledge of the older weaponry. It is an 1894, but it was made in the 1980's. It is the Chief Crazy Horse commemorative rifle. The inlay work and the brass rivets make this rifle something to behold.

    Here's a picture of it that I found on the Internet. None of my pictures I've take looks nearly as good.
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    Closest I've got to a weird caliber is a .303 British. I haven't shot it much because back in the good ole days ammo was $1.50/round for decent stuff. Now that I'm seeing 9mm go for that sometimes, I don't even look at .303. I don't want to lose my lunch.
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    Not that it is really odd, but it is my EDC and shoots like a dream. Taurus PT 1911 AR chambered in 38 Super. Terrific stopping power and very low recoil, ammo is not terribly hard to come by just a little on the high side. But I am very happy with it.
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