22 LR ammunition - gone
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  1. Unhappy 22 LR ammunition - gone

    Anyone know why the 22 LR ammunition supply has dried up? Who's buying it, where is it going, what are they doing with it? I have not heard that the government is buying 22 LR ammuniton, but would not be surprized. Firearms are worthless without ammunition and the government knows it. I have not seen 22 LR ammunition on shelves for two months. I've also heard that when it is available the cost is very high. So, what's going on - 22 ammuntion has always been available in the past.

  3. The preppers and auction brokers are buying tens of thousands of rounds at a time and the reality is there are not that many companies that actually make .22 ammo.

    Try gunbroker.com

  4. The supply of 22LR ammo has improved considerably in the past month. I was able to pick up 500 round bricks at a very reasonable per round price. Since then most store seem to have enough.

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    Gougers take their friends and buy up the inventory of 22LR then triple the price to sell on the internet. I see it everyday.

  6. It has been frustrating to be sure. We are able to find just about every other caliber we need but not this one. I refuse to pay the inflated prices so I just keep checking back.

  7. Here in Indiana I can drive50 miles and not find ammo. Finally found 357 the other day, but had to drive 40 minutes and wait in line for an hour. They said if I wanted 22LR I would want to be there at 5am to stand in line until 7 when they opened and then no guarantee! I just keep looking, refuse to pay overpriced, especially since they think they see a sucker coming because I'm female.

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    I havent seen .22LR since September. The feds mentioned gun control so everyone bought up all the .22LR to hide in their closets.

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    Sucks for me because having recently acquired a very nice high end .22 LR rifle, all that can be done is put it in the safe. Not even going to buy a scope for it. No ammo, no reason to bother.

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    I went to an auction Saturday, and they had 1300 rounds of .22 LR JHP. It went for $190.
    Just can't see paying 14c a round.
    Our Walmart gets some in every once in a while. I've bought 300 rounds two different times, lately. Still inflated prices, though, at 7 bucks a hundred.
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    In southwest Virginia it can be had in 330 rd. cans for about $20.

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