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  1. mounting scope question

    I have an older Remington 700. My wife purchased me a new scope. It came with scope rings that attach to a picatinny rail. The rings that were on the gun screwed directly into the gun. Do they sell small rails that can be attached to the gun to mount the new scope rings?

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    mounting scope question

    Yes midway or any other supplier theyll have the 1913 rails for the 700's
    Guns.??? What Guns???

  4. Yes. You should be able to find a two-piece rail at your local store. Look for a 20 MOA set if you plan to do long distance shooting. The rear rail will be taller.

  5. mounting scope question

    Thanks for the replays. What is a 20 MOA?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chiroman View Post
    Thanks for the replays. What is a 20 MOA?
    MadMAF is referring to something called a 20 MOA scope base. It's a one-piece scope mount that would replace the existing rings on the scope, and they sell ones that either mount directly to the tapped holes on rifle or a 1913 rail. It is a scope base that is designed with a 20 MOA (minute-of-angle) forward slope, so instead of the scope sitting parallel with the bore it sits sloped downward towards the muzzle at precisely 20 MOA. This allows you to use more of the internal elevation adjustment on a target scope so you can shoot farther.

    Every scope is manufactured with a set amount of internal elevation adjustment and is factory zeroed to the middle of that adjustment range. For example, a scope with 80 MOA of elevation adjustment will come factory zeroed so you have 40 MOA of "up" adjustment and 40 MOA of "down" adjustment. However, since most people zero their rifles at 100-200 yards, you don't need anywhere close to 40 MOA of "down" adjustment. What you need is the "up" adjustment so you can compensate for bullet drop as the range to the target increases. A 20 MOA base allows you to shift the factory zero downwards 20 MOA giving you an additional 20 MOA of internal "UP" adjustment in the scope; in this case 60 MOA of "UP" and 20 MOA of "down" adjustment.

    They're extremely useful for long range precision shooting where you're using a scope with target knobs. However, if you're just putting a hunting style scope on the rifle where you zero the rifle once then just use holdovers for different ranges you won't need one.

    I can make my .243 reach out to over 900 yds using one. Won't drop a deer at that distance but it'll still punch a clean hole in paper or ring a gong.

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  8. mounting scope question

    Thanks guys. Ill stop by the LGS after work and pick something up.

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