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    Lol I hate that term. Mike-Mike is the most overused and pointless term out there. It sounds stupid, it's easier to just say 30mil, and way easier just to write 30mm.

    Sorry, I'm not hating on you, but people writing out the phonetic spelling out things is a pet peeve of mine. Completely defeats the purpose of phonetics.
    Bwahaha, I was hoping somebody would say something about it.... lol.
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  3. I've seen one tear-assin' through a narrow canyon and doing high-g maneuvers so close to the ground, it scared the crap out of me. Believe me, if you've never seen one of these on the deck in close quarters, you would not believe it! Don't let its looks fool you. This pilot was wringing-out this A-10 to the max.

    Astounding. And I thought I had seen the flight envelope in many videos, including military footage.

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    You should see them fire at night, up close and personal. Many moons ago at my first duty station we used to grab some six packs and sneak into the woods next to the firing range they used in South Carolina. Awesome sight.
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