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  3. really now, we find that too hard to belived with a good stock.

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    I know him, I have had breakfast with him, I have talked to him. He is the real deal when it comes to the Constitution and 2A. I am a "lttle jewish kid from NYC" who never even knew what a firearm was other than what I saw Roy Rogers or the Lone Ranger carry on TV. Now I am retired in SC. own my share of firearms and am a raving conservative gun advocate who despises the administration currently running this country and running over the Constitution in so many ways that I do not watch TV news anymore. All I can say, when I look back at NY/NJ is "thank G-d for SC" and the other FREE states in this asylum run by its inmates and formerly known as the USA.
    I understand that, from Cali and retired here also. I'm not worried about any "Administration", it's all a game just think of all the hype helping and hurting people.........stores doing excellent because sheeple are scared and sheeple hurt the average gun owner because no they cannot find anything or because of supply and demand pay too much.

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    No 10 round magazines in a Glock 23, based on principle

    I have a sufficient supply of 13 round magazines for my Glock 23.

    If an asinine nationwide 10 round magazine limit passed and magazines that were already legally owned were not grandfathered (like in 1994) I would never carry the 23; it's the principle of it, that pistol is designed and intended to hold 13 rounds in the magazine.

    If that moronic 10 round artifical limit passed (no grandfathering) I would either:
    -Just carry a Glock 27 which holds 9 rounds and provides a full grip when a Pearce +0 magazine base is used.
    -Carry a Glock 29SF (10mm) with 10 round magazine or 30SF (45 acp) has a flush fitting 9 round magazine.

    If forced to live in NY with their absurd, bogus 7 round magazine restriction, then I would carry either a 1911 with 7 round Tripp magazines or a Glock 36; funny thing is, I'm not subjected to any magazine restrictions and I carry those now.
    No internal lock or magazine disconnect on my pistols!

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    I picked up a factory original while at front sight. I had an off brand that gave me fits so I replaced it there.

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