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Thread: Family attacked for being "In the wrong neighborhood."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Austin View Post
    So I should not be carrying a firearm because I think people should not be shot because the person that they are into an altercation with is: weak, old, spend too much time on the couch, a female, over 35, sick, lacked the forsight to carry pepper spray, etc...

    I was just stating that it seemed to be the logic as posted above, that unless you are in perfect health, young, workout 7 days a week, that you dont have to fight anymore and can just claim "disparity of force" and shoot them dead.

    My point has been and always will be this:

    Sitting on the couch getting fat, being too lazy to work out, being older than your prime, being female, fill in the blank... should not be enough to justify shooting someone that has threatened you for whatever reason. It is irrelevant who you think started the situation. When you are in court for shooting someone dead, I certainly wouldnt want to be the one attempting to use the arguments listed above as justification.

    If you need an equalizer against an unarmed assailant use pepper spray, baton, a brick etc... and use the bought time to get outta there. If that does not work, then you can use a firearm and possibly be able to justify that you tried lesser force first. If they are armed then do what you need to do to protect life.

    If you quote this to argue with me, please read its entirety before responding.
    Oh boy... Your gonna make LOTS of friends here.... I can just see it now!

    Sent from behind enemy lines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Austin View Post
    Perhaps trolling a little bit. But if this is the logic thats being applied: being too old to fight so i shot them dead and thats ok. I was just expanding on this a bit.

    Quote Originally Posted by jcreek View Post
    Who said anything about you being the one starting the fight? If you start the fight you're no longer the defender, you're the criminal aggressor.

    If somebody walks up to me in a gas station, verbally threatens my life, and there is a disparity of force, you bet your ass I'd draw down on them. Where it goes from there is completely up to him; he can either be a good little scumbag and run away, or he can escalate his aggression and die trying to make good on his threat.
    ^^ this furthers my argument. So someone walks up to you in public and says they are going to kill you, and they are younger or bigger than you, its ok to kill them? I hardly agree with that statement.
    You are a complete troll. You didn't read a thing I said. When you learn you comprehend what you read come back and talk to me. Moron.

  4. I am a soccer referee. Any one following the news probably heard of the recent death of a middle aged soccer referee in good shape after he was punched in the face by a juvenile player. Hands can be deadly weapons. Will be interesting to see if this case helps with legal precedents.

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    This guy and family are lucky to be alive. If I am confronted while carrying you will not meet a more meek man.

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