A knife worked this time
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Thread: A knife worked this time

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    A knife worked this time

    But it would be much better if these people owned a gun.

    Wash. woman fatally stabs home intruder to defend family, police say - Crimesider - CBS News

    There may be others from a homeless group that this guy came from.

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    First off couldn't she just stab him in the leg or cut his hands? Did she have to kill him?
    Next was this an "assault" knife or just a kitchen knife?
    How long was the blade? Nobody needs 10 inches to kill a deer or an intruder or even cut a tomato!
    Limit blades to 3" or less!
    Common sense knife laws would stop this carnage!
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    CapGun you forgot to use the sarcasm font. lol

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