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Thread: Man Shoots Himself While Bowling

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    Having it in a holster would have prevented this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grousetrapper View Post
    Accidentally discharged? In my book there is no such thing as an accidental discharge, only a negligent discharge.
    Not 100% true. Although a very small chance, maybe minuscule mechanical malfunction can occur. I've never seen one but................
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    Quote Originally Posted by rjefmiller View Post
    Proof that being stupid should (and often DOES) hurt!
    Original thread says "I'm not sure what caused". The "what" is obvious and rjefmiller says it all---STUPIDITY

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    I know we all make mistakes, but that was ridiculously stupid. Some one could have been killed. Then he would be sitting in the courtroom looking like a fool. And if this happened would he have received prison time, does anyone have a clue ???
    I agree, someone has to take out the trash....

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    I wonder if he got a strike?
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    Rhino, you made me laugh, that was so funny. I think they failed to report it. :p

    Quote Originally Posted by Rhino View Post
    I wonder if he got a strike?
    I agree, someone has to take out the trash....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhino View Post
    I wonder if he got a strike?
    No, but he was left with a split.
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    That's it he was pissed and shot the pins and missed and hit himself, I'm sorry its not funny somebody could have been hurt, but if it was a small gun just stuffed in his pocket it still had to have help to go off as was said maybe his pocket also had his keys/cell ph/ or whatever, ether way he got a painful lesson
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    Quote Originally Posted by lukem View Post
    I saw this story and thought I'd post it over here. I don't think I would be carrying while I was bowling but if you are at least have a proper holster.
    You should carry everywhere you legally can, including a bowling alley. You never know... you could be confronted by Nihilists.
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    I think that's going to throw his game off some
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