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    I also had that problem. I wore my distance lens in my dominant eye and I couldn't focus on the front sight with it. I solved it by just switching lenses to the other eye. I now wear my close up lens in my dominant eye and distance in the other. I initially did this just for the range but I found that I adjusted without any vision problems to it and I wear them that way all the time now. I haven't been to my eye doctor since I started doing this so I don't know I she would have any objections but I find it works just fine for me.

  3. I think you are misunderstanding his problem. I have had lasik surgery "blended vision" because I am almost 50 and it helps keep from needing reading glasses on a day to day basis. I elected to go blended rather than mon as it makes this issue less severe, but still an issue. They correct your dominant eye for distance and your other eyes for reading. The issue is that naturally you draw your gun and line it up with your dominant eye, but your brain then switches to the distance eye as it cannot recognize that you are trying to focus n something up close rather than the target. I saw a video online that an instructor advised in this case to just train to shift your aim over to your left eye even while drawing and holding from your right eye. I have tried this and it seems to help. Not to say that it is the best solution. I would love to hear more on this subject as I am 2 years in to concealed carry, and it is definitely a concern for me especially under pressure, will I be able to focus correctly in the heat of the moment.

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    To the OP, you need to train your four remaining senses to peak performance. You want to be able to reach the point that when you fire a gun your sight will be the last sense you use.

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