Virginia is for 2ndA lovers
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Thread: Virginia is for 2ndA lovers

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    Virginia is for 2ndA lovers

    Just got back from the Virginia Republican Convention where we just nominated our candidates for Governor, Lt Governor, and Attorney General. All the candidates were about as far right (a good thing) as you could be on the second amendment. Just to let all you folks know that live in the anti states, we carried concealed and openly for the entire event. No one blinked an eye. I looked just to see what others were carrying. One person even asked me if I had a sneaky pete which I did. But I suppose the oddest thing and maybe a bit over the top was one guy slinging his ar15 over his shoulder. All those guns and nobody got hurt, which reminds me of another more tragic story out of New Jersey I believe. A cop responded to a home invasion situation and upon entering he tried to shoot the bad guy, missed and killed the 15 year old girl that lived in the house. Maybe the libs are right...a gun in the home...this time the cops gun...truly is dangerous.

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    All of those guns and nobody got shot. Reminds me of the last 10 gun shows I attended. All of those guns and all that ammo. One has to admit, that you will be hardpressed to find a better behaved group of citizens than you find at gun shows. It is because they are all upstanding citizens. Something to which most Libs cannot relate.

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    Sounds great. Good luck in the elections.

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