Question regarding transporting ammo across state lines...
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Thread: Question regarding transporting ammo across state lines...

  1. Question regarding transporting ammo across state lines...

    I am planning to drive down to Tennessee to visit my dad this summer. I live in OH and have my OH CHL which is recognized in all the states I would be driving through. I have a fair amount of ammo for my dad that I am planning to take with me. (I bought bulk packs, and he pitched in for half.) Is there anything I need to know about transporting approximately 700 rounds of various calibers in the trunk of my car? The ammunition is legal in my home state, my destination state, and everywhere in between, to my knowledge. But I didn't know if there were going to be issues related to transport. Any legitimate advice is welcomed. (No, sending the ammo your way doesn't count.) Thanks.

  3. 18 USC 926A - Interstate transportation of firearms | Title 18 - Crimes and Criminal Procedure | U.S. Code | LII / Legal Information Institute

    18 USC 926A - Interstate transportation of firearms

    It's one paragraph and covers all issues. BTW, it would be wise to print a copy and carry it on you when traveling, in case you get stopped by an LE who doesn't have a clue.

  4. Shouldn't be an issue. I took 200 + rounds from IN to TN not including the 5 in my magazine / clip. lol I think you'd have more problems going from TN to OH (since OH doesn't recognize all states) if you didn't have an OH license... I'm making the trip to Dayton this weekend and will have mine locked in my truck box until I reach my destination.

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    there should be no issues transporting ammo in your car

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    Chad, Ohio recognizes permits from TN so if you have a TN HCP you are good.
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    The secret to not having any issues is to not do anything that will get the attention of the cops.
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    As a safety precaution, keep it locked in the trunk. However, even if stopped, there should be no problems.

    As one poster said though, keep your vehicle in good working order and obey the traffic rules and then there will never be a problem.
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    Most likely will not be a problem does your state require a license to possess ammo.

  10. If you get stopped, just tell them you're on the way to the White House. You'll be fine.

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